Top Ten Random Last Words to Say Before You Die In a Plane Crash


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1 Yo mama

(Screaming) some people pray, others cry, you say yo mama. - CityGuru

2 I love Minecraft!

This is a great thing to say! Although I don't think I'd be saying it in the face of death. It's just really random, if you think about it. - RockFashionista

What does that have to do with any of this - venomouskillingmachine

3 What does the Fox Say?

Hate the song but still funny thing to say during such a sad final moment in life.

I'd say it in a total confused situation

Your sat there, people screening, you know it's over, but you have to know what it says, if you don't you'll die a failur, you pull out your iPhone, take a breath, and ask Siri "WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY! "

4 Shut up
5 Well, this is awkward.

I usually say this when I finally get the bartender's attention.

6 Accordion Accordion Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox.
7 Hahaha!
8 Happy
9 Anybody hungry for some peanuts

This is the exact thing I would say before any disaster - Zindondiddlybop

10 Why is Psy sitting on the plane?

That's not PSY! That's the North Korean terrorist that is killing us all, you racist! - ethanmeinster

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11 Tell Justin Bieber I adore him

Do not adore Justin Bieber why because he is a idiot and a trouble maker

12 And then I said "Oatmeal? Are you crazy?!"

Lol pinkie pie reference! - MusicalPony

LOL, I get the reference. - Pegasister12

I would say this. Because Pinkie Pie that's what. - RiverClanRocks

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13 Excuse me, where can I get a refund? This plane is too bumpy
14 The square root of 64 is 8!

Yep. The one thing I'm gonna say when I die. "I'll be back."

I already I think I am going to die

16 Ducky Boots
17 Goodbye cruel world!
18 Excuse me. Does anybody have some Grey Poupon?
19 I like pickles! V 2 Comments
20 Merry Christmas!
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1. Yo mama
2. What does the Fox Say?
3. Hahaha!
1. Anybody hungry for some peanuts
2. I love Minecraft!
3. Because I'm Happy
1. I love Minecraft!
2. Well, this is awkward.
3. Anybody hungry for some peanuts

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