Top Ten Random Last Words to Say Before You Die In a Plane Crash


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1 Yo mama

(Screaming) some people pray, others cry, you say yo mama. - CityGuru

2 I love Minecraft!

Oh that’s nice- - Limeyy

This is a great thing to say! Although I don't think I'd be saying it in the face of death. It's just really random, if you think about it. - RockFashionista

What does that have to do with any of this - venomouskillingmachine

That's what DanTDM will say when he is in a plane crash. LOL

3 What does the Fox Say?

Hate the song but still funny thing to say during such a sad final moment in life.

I'd say it in a total confused situation

Your sat there, people screening, you know it's over, but you have to know what it says, if you don't you'll die a failur, you pull out your iPhone, take a breath, and ask Siri "WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY! "


4 Shut up
5 Well, this is awkward.

I usually say this when I finally get the bartender's attention.

6 Hahaha!

“Haha! Oh my god! We’re on a plane about to die! Haha! This is so much fun!” - Limeyy

7 Accordion Accordion Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox.
8 Happy
9 Anybody hungry for some peanuts

This is the exact thing I would say before any disaster - Zindondiddlybop

10 Excuse me, where can I get a refund? This plane is too bumpy

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Yep. The one thing I'm gonna say when I die. "I'll be back."

I already I think I am going to die

12 Why is Psy sitting on the plane?

That's not PSY! That's the North Korean terrorist that is killing us all, you racist! - ethanmeinster

13 Tell Justin Bieber I adore him

Make sure the hater is on a plane crash.

Do not adore Justin Bieber why because he is a idiot and a trouble maker

14 And then I said "Oatmeal? Are you crazy?!"

Lol pinkie pie reference! - MusicalPony

LOL, I get the reference. - Pegasister12

I would say this. Because Pinkie Pie that's what. - RiverClanRocks

Only people who watch FIM will get this. - Pony

15 The square root of 64 is 8!
16 Ducky Boots
17 Goodbye cruel world!
18 Excuse me. Does anybody have some Grey Poupon?
19 I like pickles!



20 Merry Christmas!
21 Hey suckers we're all gonna die and there's nothing we can do about it!

"Yay! " - KilljoyWithAPen

22 I used your clarinet to unclog my toilet

SpongeBob reference, I get it. - Pegasister12

23 D'oh!

Needs this, perfection.

26 I'm gonna sue the pilot if I die

I knew I had to add this. Come on please make it number one!

27 The llama will save me
28 Because I'm Happy

Clap along if you feel like a room without a-*dies* - RiverClanRocks

29 I hope we crash somewhere nice, like Hawaii.

YES! I have been to all the Hawaiian Islands and if I was to die anywhere in the world, I would die in Hawaii, so yeah! - yoloeee

I WISH! Maybe I you somehow survive, you could get help! But the odds of that happening are the odds of JB becoming a better singer.

30 I used your toothbrush to clean dog poop off my shoe

Hey that's from diary of a wimpy kid! - yoloeee

32 Well, I guest it's time to play the harp and grow wings...
33 Finally I am gonna meet Mitch Lucker

I would say that

34 That was a hoot!

LOL, nice job utterly stealing Heffer's catchphrase - xandermartin98

35 I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light
36 Wryyy!
37 I'm really feeling it!
38 "You can't hurt me! You can't hurt me! NOT WITH MY...CHEESE HELMET! NOT WITH MY...CHEESE HELMET!
39 Oh! I can't fly anymore!
40 Talk to you later people!
41 LOL
42 God Dammit!
43 Whoo hoo!

This is the weirdest thing you can say. - Number18

44 Hmm... what did the safety demo say?
45 I think now would be the time to fasten seatbelts.
46 Eh, it's not that bad. I've seen worse.
47 For Sparta
48 Welcome to hell, bitches
49 I saw this in a movie, it's just a premonition! We won't die!
50 I like turtles!
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1. Yo mama
2. What does the Fox Say?
3. Hahaha!
1. Anybody hungry for some peanuts
2. I love Minecraft!
3. Because I'm Happy
1. I love Minecraft!
2. Well, this is awkward.
3. Anybody hungry for some peanuts

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