Top 10 Random Last Words to Say When Being Arrested by the Police

These are hilarious random things to say when being arrested by the police...some sad moments need some hilarious last quote right?

The Top Ten

Wait is this a Communist country, no this is America!

Good for you Randy how I always think in limited freedom of speech - CerealGuy

Are you crazy nutjobs?
Lemme take a selfie then escape with you
Why did the chickens cross the road, they want to beat you!
Authoritah over you!

This has to be that high - CerealGuy

Conclusion... you cops are not respecting ma authoritah!
Hey you guys want to listen some Flaming Lips album?
Butt butt butt butt butt

My last word...for my dignity - CerealGuy

I love trains
If you guys were riding a tank in Prague in 1968 then you are a human right abuser!
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