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1 Top 10 Things to Jump Onto When It Rains Chocolate

What the heck?! What kind of list is that?!

My Pet frog Alexander


2 Top 10 Things to Kiss During a Zombie Apocalypse

Don't kiss a lot of people though, they may be zombies. But I don't think this would happen.

3 Top 10 Things to Throw at a 10 Headed Squirrel While Getting Mauled by a Grizzly Bear

Laugh out loud this made me laugh ten headed squirrel and being mauled by a grizzly bear all precise and random :D - EvilAngel

4 Top 10 Things to Tie to Your Underpants

What... Who does that...

5 Top 10 People Who Should Eat a Pork Pie On the 19th of May
6 Top 10 Worst Things That May Happen On the 31st of April

I'll be sure to take notes that day - PositronWildhawk

7 Top 10 Best Tasting Celebrities

MMM... Matthew Mcconaughey tastes like chocolate. - ethanmeinster

8 Top 10 Tallest Midgets
9 Top 10 Hardest Ways to Eat Breakfast


I can't believe it, somebody has officially made this list.
So iMac4, did you see my list? - Cazaam

Imacg4, sorry I got your name wrong. - Cazaam

10 Top Ten Days of the Week

Who ever made this list is an idiot - ChiefMudkip

This is the best thing ever

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11 Top 10 Coolest Names for All Genders


12 Top 10 Buttons On an Atari 2600 Controller

But there is only one button

13 Top Ten Worst Things to Rain

Can I use this idea?

14 Top Ten Worst Consoles Named "Wii U"
15 Top Ten Reasons Dogs are Tattletales
16 Top Ten Most Random Things to Throw at a Platypus While Licking a Cupcake

That's not random, that list has already been done. - Cazaam

17 Top Ten Best Things to Eat with Bacon Chocolate Ice Cream on a Pizza
18 Top 10 Most Sexiest Drummers
19 Top Ten Seasons


20 Reasons why Ducks Wanna Eat your Sammich
21 Top 10 Best Songs by Alessia Cara, Daya, The Chainsmokers, and Selena Gomez
22 Top 10 Songs With The Word "Pretty" in the Title
23 Top 10 Best Songs by Michelle Branch, Jordan Pruitt, Emma Roberts, Clique Girlz, and Fergie
24 Top 10 Teens Who Got On Their Period
25 Top 10 Ways to Say "Damn Daniel"
26 Top 10 Things To Do with an Alessia Cara CD
27 Top 10 Songs to Sing on the Day Gravity Falls is Cancelled

no XP

28 Top 10 Reasons Why Class 4 Ghosts are Better Than Class 3 or Class 5 Ghosts

Class 4 Ghosts are way cooler.

29 Reasons Why Breadwinners is for Big Slices of French Toast
30 Top Ten Celebrities Who Should Eat Human Flesh on January 4th
31 Reasons Why Clique Girlz is Better Than Justin Bieber
32 Top 10 Best Songs by David Archuleta, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, and Clique Girlz
33 Top 10 Best Songs by Clique Girlz, Destinee & Paris, Tiffany Giardina, Emma Roberts, and Jordan Pruitt
34 Top 10 Best Songs by JoJo, Fergie, and The Pussycat Dolls
35 Top 10 Singers Who Need to Cover "I Hate This Part" by The Pussycat Dolls
36 Top 10 Best Hairstyles of the 2000s
37 Top 10 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Has Licked a Donut
38 Top 10 Ways to Find a Girl for the Middle School Dance
39 Top 10 Reasons Why Britgirl Should Marry Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak
40 Top 10 Ways to Get Stitches on Your Forehead After Hitting Your Head Onto The Ground While Skateboarding
41 Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Skin a Healthy Green Glow
42 Top 10 Singers Who Are Admired by Teens

First Alessia Cara and Daya then this. I prefer 2000s teen pop.

43 Top 10 Ways to Be More Stupider
44 Top 10 Reasons Why Forever 21 is For Teens Only and For Adults

Better than Zumiez

45 Top 10 Reasons Why Soy Milk Is Better Than Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak
46 Top 10 Reasons to Use a Vacuum Cleaner
47 Top 10 Reasons to Join the Spirit World
48 Top 10 Reasons When You Saw a Class 4 Ghost

10. Scare him away
9. Reveal to be a ghost of a child
8. Become a class 4 ghost
7. Stay away
6. Try to vaccum it
5. Run away from it
4. Pretend to be scared
3. Pretend to be a ghost
2. Befriend it
1. Scream and pass out in fear

49 Top Ten Seasons of Fred: The Show
50 Worst Tasting Celebrities

Justin Bieber tastes like farts.

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