Top Ten Random Lists That Would Be Senseless to Create

The Top Ten Random Lists That Would Be Senseless to Create

1 Top Ten Reasons Why Pluto Should Have Taxi Stops On Its Imaginary Moon

It should right?

Because my babe lives there and I miss her bad! - PositronWildhawk

2 Top Ten Places Where Ed Sheeran Should Fight James Blunt With Magical Grass Swords

Well, maybe this one would be fun! - keyson

You mean James BLUNT sword? Haha! Doesn't stand a chance against the mighty ginger singer! :P
I love this list, Martin. - Britgirl

3 Top Ten Babakanushes in Easter Ireland
4 Top Ten Random Things We Wonder If The Fox Says
5 Top Ten Bolivian Beaches
6 Top Ten Reasons Why Britgirl Is First On Every Positive List

It's senseless because it's SO obvious! - keyson

7 Top Ten Antarctican Cities

Would there even be 10 items? - Minecraftcrazy530

8 Top Ten Wachumalandras That Cashimis Overseas
9 Top Ten Kinds Of Seagulls That Could Be Blinded By A Lighthouse

Oh how funny this would be! - keycha1n

10 Top Ten Justin Bieber Songs That Are Actually Good

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11 Top Ten Ways to Kill Grumpy Cat
12 Top Ten Ways a Jellyfish Could Sting Someone
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