Top 10 Random Moments to Shout "Allahu Akbar!"


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1 When You Failed At Your School Test

Thinking about it its actually quite petty all these people basically are mocking another faith. They basically say this in their prayers every single day all around the world, so there's two categories here in my humble opinion. 1- Muslims praying, as normal, reciting Allahu Akbar. This is peaceful. 2- The terrorists, as well as people mocking the religion. they're basically of the same calibre IDC if that sounds harsh.


Teacher:Eddy you fail
Eddy:...Allahu Akbar! *explosion* - CerealGuy

2 When Jesus Crucified
3 When Scotland Achieved Independence
4 When A Fish Slaps You In the Face
5 When Shrek Comes to Your House
6 When You Were Asked to Hang Out by Your Crush

Crush:Hey lets go hang ou...
Me:Allahu Akbar! - CerealGuy

7 At A Funeral

This is simply black humor at its brightest.

8 When God Notch Arrive to Give You the Minecraft Bible
9 When You Were Born in the Highway

I bet you are born at the highway cause accidents happens there - CerealGuy

10 When the Nazis Rise Again

The Contenders

11 During Sex

I'm GOING IN! ALLAHU AKBAR! - InsertCleverName

12 When You Are About to Be Machine Gunned to Death by a Cheesecake
13 Before You Scare Someone

Instead of BOO you shout ALLAHU AKBAR!

14 At a Rocket Launch event
15 When you Ride a Roller Coaster
16 When a Volcano Erupts
17 During Sex
18 During Star Wars Return of the Jedi
19 During a Nuclear War
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