Random Places to Stand and Stare at a Complete Stranger


The Top Ten

1 In a Toilet Cubicle

This might get to number one. Too bad. There was a great number two involved. - PositronWildhawk

Just plain FREAKY! But funny! - Britgirl

This would be creepy
I would freak out if I saw someone looking at me on the toilet - Ajkloth

-Oh, Hi!
-err... Do you need something? Paper maybe?
-Help. - keyson

2 In a Hairdressers

Go in and just stand and stare, expressionless at them while they have their roots seen to. - Britgirl

3 In a Lift

Especially off-putting if it's just you two! - Britgirl

4 On Public Transport

A man did this to me all the way from my hometown to London. Then gave me a tiny smile when we got off. Weird! - Britgirl

5 On the Street

Follow them and stare at them. See the look of pure panic! - Britgirl

6 In a Queue
7 While They Sunbathe

.. While moaning and drooling

8 In Church

It would really feel creepy if you were trying to focus on the sermon. And every time you looked around, there they were... - beatles

... With a debauched expression... - Britgirl

9 At the Theatre

"Er, shouldn't you be watching the show.. ? " - Britgirl

10 In a Changing Room

Just fling open those curtains and have a jolly old gawp at them. Super fun, what! - Britgirl

I don't see why this is tenth. Surely it is the VERY WORST PLACE TO DO IT! - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 In a Sex Ed Class

"Girls, a boy may 'forget' protection. You shouldn't."
GET OUT OF THERE! - PositronWildhawk

12 In the Graveyard
13 In a Public Restroom
14 With Psychiatric Outpatients
15 At A Retirement Home
16 At a Funeral
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