Random Places to Stand and Stare at a Complete Stranger

The Top Ten Random Places to Stand and Stare at a Complete Stranger

1 In a Toilet Cubicle

Did a pervert make this list?

This might get to number one. Too bad. There was a great number two involved. - PositronWildhawk

Just plain FREAKY! But funny! - Britgirl

This would be creepy
I would freak out if I saw someone looking at me on the toilet - Ajkloth

2 In a Hairdressers

Go in and just stand and stare, expressionless at them while they have their roots seen to. - Britgirl

3 In a Lift

Especially off-putting if it's just you two! - Britgirl

4 On Public Transport

A man did this to me all the way from my hometown to London. Then gave me a tiny smile when we got off. Weird! - Britgirl

5 On the Street

Follow them and stare at them. See the look of pure panic! - Britgirl

6 In a Queue
7 While They Sunbathe

.. While moaning and drooling

8 In Church

It would really feel creepy if you were trying to focus on the sermon. And every time you looked around, there they were... - beatles

... With a debauched expression... - Britgirl

9 At the Theatre

"Er, shouldn't you be watching the show.. ? " - Britgirl

10 In a Changing Room

Just fling open those curtains and have a jolly old gawp at them. Super fun, what! - Britgirl

I don't see why this is tenth. Surely it is the VERY WORST PLACE TO DO IT! - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 In a Sex Ed Class

"Girls, a boy may 'forget' protection. You shouldn't."
GET OUT OF THERE! - PositronWildhawk

12 In the Graveyard
13 In a Public Restroom
14 With Psychiatric Outpatients
15 At A Retirement Home
16 At a Funeral
17 Through an Open Window

Even worse if it was a bathroom window! Just imagine brushing your teeth and then randomly looking outside...only to find some creep’s face looking in on you! And that’s not even the worst thing that could happen! What if you were stepping out of the shower or sitting on the toilet?

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