Top Ten Most Random Proper Sentences

The Top Ten Most Random Proper Sentences

1 Is it tender?

This is funny. I'm getting all kinds of images in my head reading this... - Britgirl

Now this is too warped! - PositronWildhawk

2 Mr. Toad ate seven rainbows while furiously licking other toads butt cheeks.

Mr. Toad has quite a strange fetish. But I guess different strokes for different folks.

This sentence. I don't even know anymore.

Good for Mr. Toad! He's a good guy

I was laughing for hours. - CompleteRandom

3 There is a blue pig sitting in my toilet that won't stop screaming "I found a turd".
4 There was once a rooster that ate a grape after the grape ate a mouse after the mouse ate a pig after the pig ate a snake on Monday morning before school.
5 My mom put brown sludge in her coffee, then my little sister yelled "Mom put poo poo in her coffee!".

Sometimes coffee does taste like poo poo. Certain brands are nasty.

6 Once I ate a green pig, it turned into a potato then ran to my bathroom. It was staring at the toilet then fell in, I didn't care so I flushed the toilet, and because of that I have never eaten a green pig again.
7 Ouch, the cheese grader fell on my butt cheek!
8 Once upon a time, there is no story, you just wasted your time.
9 Hey.
10 Why did Putin play bingo with Obama? Is that a sign of World War III?

This made me laugh

The Contenders

11 What Happened Last Night?
12 One Morning I Shot an Elephant In My Pajamas. How He Got Into My Pajamas I'll Never Know.

This is grammatically correct. - CompleteRandom

I know what that is from! 😐Marks Brothers! ☺

13 There is a shopping trolley in Mary Poppins backyard, I believe she has the urge to kill it.
14 How you been?
15 Why are you doing this to me?
16 How much will it cost to repair it?
17 Why must I suffer?
18 Wasn't it your birthday last week?
19 Did I see you at KFC?
20 Is it spearmint flavour?
21 I looked through your window
22 Do You Want Some Fries With That?


23 Why can happy potatoes still not climb trees when Yoda cats are obviously better than awkward silences?
24 You're a fat jelly bean and you smell like grilled cheese.
25 What is your problem?
26 Every time Bill drinks milk, cheese urine comes out.
27 What would you do if you came to know that someone hurt me by laughing at me as because I say I love you
28 I use pickles as sunscreen
29 I always poop in the sink rather than the toilet
30 I have, I have, I have forgot what to say, again.
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