Most Random Questions Ever

The Top Ten Most Random Questions Ever

Do you like small inflatable robot dogs shaped like umbrellas?

Haha cute sih - sharonsiahaan

Do these pants make my eyes look big?
Can you catch aids from sex with a chicken?
How long can you fart while holding your breath underwater?

Great Scott! A long time, if you must know.

How many light bulbs does it take to screw a monkey?
Do dogs like hopscotch?
Have scientists found a cure for hiccups yet?
Does Ronald McDonald have an extra nipple?

How would I know? - Ananya

How many apples do I have to eat until I turn into a donkey?
Why are there so many naked pictures of you on the Internet?

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Can Porcupines fart upside down?
Can rubber duckies float in quick sand?

I just tested this and can confirm that they do NOT...I repeat do NOT float in the quick sand. - RyanT333

Can a can can if a can can't?
Do spiders believe in God?
Is Mayonnaise an instrument?

No (insert name here), mayonnaise is not an instrument - ILIKENINTENDO

Why do you need commercials for toilet paper when everyone needs it?
How come money is just paper but paper is not money?

Because we are not that lucky. =^v^=

Why are gold fish called gold fish they are orange?
How many poops does it take to poop?
Can you fart on me for the year please?

That's never getting an answer from anyone other than "no", unless they're DRUNK! - PositronWildhawk

Or stupid. It's unbelievable what people can do sometimes.

Do praying mantises believe in God?
Is this a question?
What's 12 grams in kilometers?
Can you scratch my butt for me?
Will taking notice of this list make my lips swell?
Will reading upside down make me brainy enough to do the hokey-cokey without feet?
Is the word, 'word' a sex object?
Will I die yesterday?

If you were alive today to ask that question, then the answer is no. =^v^=

Can a frog eat a tootsie pop in less than 100 licks?
Can a tractor ride itself on the moon?
Can snakes walk without shoes on?
Do you like to go to puppet shows for little kids?
Can giraffes read minds?
Do you think alligators like to watch SpongeBob?
Does your lawnmower have a grass dispenser?
Do you think the sun will turn into a giant chicken?
Can octopuses smell with their butts?
Do penguins like ice cream?

I don't know about them but I love ice creams - Ananya

Do flamingos like to eat candle wax?
Can you leave the back door open tomorrow?

Only if you promise to leave the front door on the latch last year, my friend. - Britgirl

Do you like elephants that dance in mini skirts?
Does anyone find this list funnier that I do?
Does anyone else need the loo as much as a grain of salt does?
Why am I wasting time adding 'why am I wasting time' to this list'?

Why am I wasting time commenting on "Why am I wasting time adding 'why am I wasting time' to this list'? "? - PositronWildhawk

To find out why you are wasting time adding "why am I wasting time" to this list. =^v^=

Why is your face ugly?
Do crickets have small computer chips in their brains that tell them when to chirp?
Does Bugs Bunny believe in Santa Claus?
Are penguins forming an army to take over the world and kill everyone who gets in their way?

Only in adventure time. =^v^=

Do ghosts see in color?

Of course I do! - Ananya

Would you like ketchup with your pancakes?
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