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181 I have a cactus named Carlos.

My cactus is named Josh - GreenPizza0511

182 What comes after 69... mouthwash

And then comes ding-dong-banana

V 2 Comments
183 If the gorilla knocks me off the roof shoot the dog!

Are you joking? The dog is the only thing we have against the gorilla!

V 2 Comments
184 Son of a hairy horse cow pickle!
185 I'm so cold I could cut diamonds with my nipples V 1 Comment
186 If you have 5 apples and you have a llama on the roof whilst doing the Scottish jug what is the square root of bananas having sex?

I asked my friend and he said black people

Something truly disturbing

Dirty waffles

187 A snail was eating a glass when a giraffe waved to the yellow smelly unicorn

It's so funny and bad and not interesting

188 Giant rainbows only like you when you're being dsckc
189 Koala pudding being eaten by orange pickled cars whilst levitating in wood chucks

Camels riding on an upside down cheetah printed shopping cart that farts newspapers whilst flying on the moon and talking to a hypocritical delirious monkey fart in a tin can...

190 When I swam to Mexico, I saw a jedi riding a pink meerkat and he said to me "have you heard about the blue unicorn that brake dances on the cloud of Christmas trees while eating mint flavoured tacos?" V 3 Comments
191 Hello there, your nose looks like a banana, it's beautiful
192 What do you think will happen if a cannibal ate vegetables covered in strawberry jam while doing a backflip on Mount Everest?

I don't know what would happen haha

Purple oranges will eat easter eggs on the 59th of December

A potato wold fly

He would break his body

193 Bitches be worshiping me in the synagogue Double D!
194 Life is like a box of chocolates some of it sucks V 4 Comments
195 Sweet Cheese!

Me and my friend say this all the time in school. We get mixed reactions - Scr3aM

196 Monkeys jumping are big.
197 I watch you sleep

I knew it. I just knew it. I felt someone there in the room with me. Is it you, mister someone, or is it... No, it's just John Cuzack. How natural.

That sounds like something a creepypasta would say. "Go to sleep! " "He is the rake." =^v^=

Physics y u watching me like you gonna pull some flipped gravity crap or somthin?

V 1 Comment
198 Imma go to yo house and be the stranger in yo bed. V 2 Comments
199 In an hour I will be surrounded my seaman, sperm whales and seaman... oh a swallow!
200 Reagen smash! V 1 Comment
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