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241 My brother is stupid he barfed on me and threw me down the toilet last night.

Sounds drunk as opposed to stupid

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242 so i was circling this donut hole and came across a cantaloupe with a jack knife and a nipple, so i zoomed in all the way and a seen what i thought was a big toe and i went to grab it and salt got sprinkled all over the dogs tail and flies got caught up V 1 Comment
243 Why can't we live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without its motives being questioned

Because chicken is EVIL! It is ALWAYS up to something! When will you understand that? There is NO other way! Okay?

Chickens should have the right to cross the road and not be laughed at. =^v^=

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244 Sally's blue orange saw his lawyer changed car insurance when he saw 4 little goblins square dancing with Mexican power rangers

Also, a flying water bottle came and shot a printer out of its ankle

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245 Fat guy eating a banana.... Oh did I say that that's what the new burger is called?
246 Sex is not the answer, it's the question. The answer is yes.
247 Sugar is sweet, lemons are tart, I love you more then a unicorn fart.

I'm saying this to my boyfriend tonight and seeing his reaction. He'll probably dump me but it would be worth it!

And that is saying something: unicorn farts are rainbow coloured and smell like toffee sauce.

248 Most random sentence ever

Oh my gosh I love this

249 Today did you see that cat running around the hallways at school?

Yes. I picked it up and brought it to its loving owner

250 SHH, don't tell Luke.

Once a lady said this to my friends dad on a bus. That was not all she said. =^v^=

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251 I have a pet dragon named Rainbow who likes the color of an alphabet with 3 mustard on the bottom
252 The fact that you have no idea what I'm saying is a good time waster but it was the best of the year before I go back and forth between the government to be a great day for the next few months. V 1 Comment
253 Chuck Norris on a Sheen of Winning
254 Pies eat pickles for breakfast

What is this list? It's really pointless.

255 Riding on a Segway eating an onion.

So so random. I said it to my friend and she got frightened and slowly moved away. I have many many more random comments and in fact I write short stories at school in lesson time which include, narwhals of doom and in the end everyone usually end up spontaneously combusting. Originally it was Riding on a segway eating a zweible, you can put that but I don't think many will know what a zwieble is. - Its an Onion in German

I like both these people already

(Its an in joke at school: whenever someone says anything even slightly to do with segways, we all just go "Swegway")

256 The big tank threw a fiesta in Trivial Pursuit in Flanders
257 Kiss my ass Elmo

YES! Kiss my ass and I'll turn your fur brown! Xxx

258 Dingleberry Birds Fly Like Lamps
259 I read some where that drinking is bad for you so I quit reading

At first I thought "this doesn't make sense at all, this person is stupid".
And then I realised...

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260 Why are you letting that monkey eat your unibrow?

I totally said this to my friend an she just backed away REALLY slowly!

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