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441 Brad ate Ukraine during the Mesozoic era, Arnold.
442 Orange bowls howl and then you will have to pee and then the world geography of Alaska will fart in Scott Walker's new album of eggs after the center for my fantasy football team is defeated in the bathroom full of chicken soup and jokes.
443 The astronauts packed the wrong tacos because the teachers are dancing in the dog house.
444 I better tell my dog that the pigs are riding pineapples to the moon again.
445 If you smack your house until it turns off and dies, when will squirrels be able to jetpack across Atlanta with their eyes closed in wingsuits accompanied by killer robot packs of bubble gum with a fantastic sense of lampshades?

When ever worms have ears that are made of paper is something you write on my arm is bleeding blood is red and my face turned purple is red with green

I love this one. The first line is the best. =^v^=

446 You ever wonder why water bottles don't have wallets?

Because they have no pockets, therefore, I'm a Pandacorn

Not until you just mentioned it. =^v^=

447 There's an ugly red jelly bean in my backyard and I'm afraid to go out there without my ketchup

The ketchup can save you if the jelly bean is violent

Just make sure the jelly bean doesn't have an umbrella or you might slip on the stripey soap. =^v^=

448 Whenever a giraffe dies, I talks a broom and take it to McDonald's on Fridays. Only Fridays.
449 I feel happy when them gas prices go inside out
450 Are confused flowers always so green when they poke toasted bunnies? V 1 Comment
451 If you smell a big guy with 206.45 hairs on his head, tell him I told his girlfriend that the crazy uncle told this other homo sapien that I said hi.
452 Oh my....I CAN SEE!

Small Asian eyes are the best!

453 She comes, I hides.
454 There's a trash can for some mysterious reason.
455 I saw you kissing a certain blonde headed girl...

Was she hot? I could've sworn you would never even be able to look at any blonde headed girl!

456 You're the same deranged little chicken you've always been!
457 Going to...the dance studio for chicken nuggets!
458 I tried to smell the letter yellow but fell off the roof into the pile of marshmallow trampolines
459 Yay! A bag!

Yay! A bag full o f.. k iller clowns brandishing French fries attached to washing machines, containing gecko clothes that mouths use. The mouths were also in there, and they chewed on alien moon rocks that they used to summon the cupcake god.. Amirite?

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460 Taco trees are lumps of butter.
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