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41 No sheep is quite as crooked as a bed

I believe that the government should sack obama.

I once came across a wooden stick
You must feed me hosre eggs

42 Don't touch my crayons, they can smell glue

I don't know why but when I read this the Gatorade I was drinking came out my nose

I'm laughing so hard glitter came out my nose! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Mm glue laugh out loud

been there

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43 Isn't that against the rules? Screw the rules I have green hair!

Courtney and Duncan, anyone? - Wolftail

I broke a rule once, I grabbed the school hand book and ripped it up.

I actually do have green hair

Dang it! I can't have green hair?! - Powerfulgirl10

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44 Hitler called my mom for permission to kill jews

Your mom got killed when she said no

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45 Spongebob ate Britney Spears

Yay! EBDTS ("everyone bow down to spongebob"). - fireinside96

So that's why I like SpongeBob so much.

SpongeBob has done the world a great service this day

LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! 1111! 11! - mayamanga

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46 Hiya Gramama V 2 Comments
47 Honey, you stole the bacon! Now ima twerk at gorillas!
48 Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

Haha. This is Shawn Spencer when he made an upside-down cake. Love Psych!

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49 Nom nom nom nom nom!

Laugh out loud that's all I got to say

Tee her her laugh out loud

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50 Did you ever notice that pineapples never wear bathrobes?

I see pineapples in bathrobes all the time

Duh there pet tigers just want the babies for themselves

No I never noticed.

Yes, I did. How odd... - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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51 Call the pineapple if you feel happy

If you call the pineapple than it cannot pineapple as much pineapples as a pineapple can pineapple if a pineapple pineapples with pineapples on pineapples. It has to answer the phone! TYPEWRITER!

Sounds like something in a bad lip reading video

I Want to call the pineapple what his/her number

Wait, are you happy because I can give you my pineapples number? - Someone_who_owns_a_pineapple

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52 Hey girl, are you from France because your English sucks V 1 Comment
53 I am not a hoarder, I am a lover of things.

You should've put of many things. But it's still funny. - funnyuser

I'm a lover of things as well...

I want this for my wall

54 We need more cheeeeeeessseeeee!!!

This is like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit because he is obsessed with cheese, so they made a Shopper 13 to go out to get more cheese, only to have a sheep dressed in a sweater eat it all.

We need more cheese from the addictive orange who is purple!

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55 Drink my blood, it'll make you sick.

Yes! Now I don't need those onions!

I'm sure it tastes good. And I just made you throw up.

Okay! Because water is wet! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Is that why you want me to drink your blood?! Are you crazy? God, I never thought you would want me to be a vampire -Athena57

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56 A goat partied on a car while stealing a dog while eating a pineapple before breakfast

I just don't get this whole thing about destroying pineapples, what did they ever do to you?

Instead of writing an essay I will write this on my paper

The mental image is hard to get out of my head

57 Ricky loves you!

Jeff loves you too!


No, he loves Amy Juergens (The secret life of the American Teenager) - Someone_who_owns_a_pineapple

... I hate you too ricky...

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58 Hey girl, what's your favorite color? Because you smell nice

It's pineapple because I smell like teal pancakes

Hmm my favourite color hm? YOU

Imagine just walking up to a stranger and saying this.
"Hey girl,what's your favorite color? Because you smell nice."
"Um," *nervous sweats* "th-thank you? "
"No problem love."

59 A Hairy window broke a silly pineapple with a Blue fridge

HAHA! That doesn't even make any sense, and I'm STILL laughing my throat dry!

wow... umm... how does this work???

ROTFLOL HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! This is so funny! - moose4life19

NOO, MY PINEAPPLE! He was gonna make a family of frogs! ;_; - Someone_who_owns_a_pineapple

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60 You are the horse to my my.
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