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61 Flying dogs like cheese.

I love this one I asked like twenty people which is more random this or banana error and they all say this one. it makes me laugh and say what the crap lol

Of cores the do. They are super dogs who save the citizens of dogville what else would the eat? /

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62 I like pie

Laugh out loud my friend jesse used to say that all the time

I have a friend who says nothing but "Pie" or "Cake", he'd love this one

I once had a friend named Pie.

Your like a walking enclopedia of weirdness

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63 There's an ugly chimpanzee in my bathroom and won't stop yelling the f word

If this happened to someone it would make my day! I can't stop laughing at this! Haha! - Wolftail

I know what your talking about animal planet calls it the purple nipple disease

Laugh out loud I almost pee my pants on this one

Amazing lol!

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64 Yo mama is so ugly she made onions cry

Here we go again with the Yo Mama jokes... *sigh* - Powerfulgirl10

This one is not really that random...

Shut up Powerfulgirl10

65 You know farts smell like radishes roasting on an open fire.

I like the smell of radishes roasting on an open fire

I just farted, mine doesn't smell like that

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66 There's no business like snow business. V 3 Comments
67 A baby goat is like a mushroom, I swear if you kill that duck I'm scared of toasters.

holy crap

LOL. =^v^=

68 Donkey poo can make you chorophobic

I feel bad for the donkey. He must be Chorophobic.

69 I used to cook turquoise bathing suits at the post office V 2 Comments
70 The Taco Cheated on Me for Hillary Clinton

But then Bill ate the taco because he's a cat eating a mummified llama that knows blue is the answer for 42, which is the answer of life, universe, and universe. - FnKk

71 ...What do you expect me to day now, huh?
72 Now that's what I call keyboard!

LOL! *takes out radish* Man: Now that's what I call a keyboard! - Powerfulgirl10

What is this I don't even

Haha love it

73 Obama Killed a Moose



74 The way you play the cheese guitar with the licorice strings and your fishy fingers, is just incredible.

Lick a finger

I would eat it

Who you calling fishy fingers?


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75 I Like Turtles

Love it so much I love turtles to death as well

Ice bear likes turtles-ice bear

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76 Guess what?

Guess what? That chicken just got ran over by a drunk lawn mower. - Powerfulgirl10



10/10 IGN It's ok

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77 The space station was closed ten years ago because Batman and Abraham Lincoln are sharing a sandwich in my backyard.

I've got chuck Norris and spiderman sharing a taco in mine


78 Eat my sister.

And add "She tastes like chicken." - funnyuser

You can keep my sister instead of eating her

79 Eat my shorts!!

That's from the simpsons that's a stolen line there!

What is inside of them?

Wut no I'd rather have pants

M, your shorts taste like meatballs!

80 Sometimes I like to pretend I'm an electric toaster swimming in a field of grapes

Why am I crying

Yeah me too, I am riding on a canary OFF TO NEVERLAND!

Whoa, I do the same thing when I'm on a horse!


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