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81 ...What do you expect me to day now, huh?
82 Now that's what I call keyboard!

LOL! *takes out radish* Man: Now that's what I call a keyboard! - Powerfulgirl10

What is this I don't even

Haha love it

83 The way you play the cheese guitar with the licorice strings and your fishy fingers, is just incredible.

Lick a finger

I would eat it

Who you calling fishy fingers?


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84 Guess what?

Guess what? That chicken just got ran over by a drunk lawn mower. - Powerfulgirl10



10/10 IGN It's ok

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85 Yo Mama so Mama, she Mamaed my Mama!



86 The space station was closed ten years ago because Batman and Abraham Lincoln are sharing a sandwich in my backyard.

I've got chuck Norris and spiderman sharing a taco in mine


87 Sometimes I like to pretend I'm an electric toaster swimming in a field of grapes

Why am I crying

Yeah me too, I am riding on a canary OFF TO NEVERLAND!

Whoa, I do the same thing when I'm on a horse!

Oml that so funny its enough to make a car meow!

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88 Eat my sister.

And add "She tastes like chicken." - funnyuser

You can keep my sister instead of eating her

89 Woman in the attic

Haha I said this to my grandma and she wants to take me to a therapist

90 Eat my shorts!!

That's from the simpsons that's a stolen line there!

What is inside of them?

Wut no I'd rather have pants

M, your shorts taste like meatballs!

91 Your ugliness made me bang my head on a big rock V 2 Comments
92 I'll give you 100 dollars for a nickel

When you need a nickel for the pay toilet...

It's a great deal ! - funnyuser

I did that one time, he didn't give me the nickel.

I should do that.. Except I'd say" I'll give you a nickel for 100 dollars"

93 A mutant race car ran over the Pope

Pope Now I will bless you

Me Accidentally crashes Pope Woops... sorry you better pay me pizza orders - CerealGuy

94 Barack Obama fell of the roof and got chair milk brushed all over his rubber lips.


"He ran he ran he wanted to ruin trumps plan
"But he didn't notice the lam

95 When life gives you lemons, take them. Because hey, free lemons!

When life gives you lemons make grape juice then sit back and let people wonder how you did that - jacob159

FREE LEMONS and I would make coke out of them

I love free lemons.

Got any lemons

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96 Am little pink building ate my mommy, a gorilla if jumping on my bed.

Good one - Lunala

97 Creepers are suicidal...... Why?

They just want a hug :P

When they die they drag down 10 others with them. =^v^=

98 Bitter sugar tastes like black blood

What does that make you think of?

Evil blood tastes like lemons. (Answering to the last comment) =^v^=

99 I live in Skimmington
100 Bob ate a sandwich under a hungry tree.

The tree must be kinda ticked off

So funny! I fell very sorry for the tree though...

The tree in MY BACKYARD eats people sometimes

That tree must've been angry. - Powerfulgirl10

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