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81 Your ugliness made me bang my head on a big rock V 2 Comments
82 A mutant race car ran over the Pope

Pope Now I will bless you

Me Accidentally crashes Pope Woops... sorry you better pay me pizza orders - CerealGuy

83 Barack Obama fell of the roof and got chair milk brushed all over his rubber lips.


"He ran he ran he wanted to ruin trumps plan
"But he didn't notice the lam

84 Bitter sugar tastes like black blood

What does that make you think of?

Evil blood tastes like lemons. (Answering to the last comment) =^v^=

85 Am little pink building ate my mommy, a gorilla if jumping on my bed.

Good one - Lunala

86 Creepers are suicidal...... Why? V 2 Comments
87 When life gives you lemons, take them. Because hey, free lemons!

When life gives you lemons make grape juice then sit back and let people wonder how you did that - jacob159

FREE LEMONS and I would make coke out of them

I love free lemons.

Got any lemons

V 4 Comments
88 Bob ate a sandwich under a hungry tree.

The tree must be kinda ticked off

So funny! I fell very sorry for the tree though...

The tree in MY BACKYARD eats people sometimes

That tree must've been angry. - Powerfulgirl10

V 3 Comments
89 The answer to life is suitcase because panda + dishwasher = 42

You got it wrong its 420

it good

90 Rainbows fly under the world.

I just died of laughter and resurrected

I wish they did. Miners would see beauty.

Good - Lunala

91 The tree smacked the fish across the rainbow.

What the what LOL!


LOL what - Qackydontus

92 Communist vaginas eat checkers on twelve

That's dirty. I can report this

That's creepy... - Powerfulgirl10


WHAT?! Haha lol

93 If a blue potato went up to a red sausage, how would you be able to save the pink pineapple from drowning in a sea of lemonade?

According to my calculations, the most accurate answer (maybe) is by sticking the skinny potato up your nose - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Cheese because cats don't tree on the cow roof - Lunala

Green, because lions don't wear berets.

Lamborghini, because my dog is a Jedi - FireWasp2004

V 8 Comments
94 She ate my lamborghini! V 3 Comments
95 Random doesn't equal funny.

I am afraid that it does, my kind sir.

You are correct

96 This is worst than being slapped on the face by a grumpy old fridge!

This is so funny

97 Hi my name is (what?), my name is (who?), my name is chicka chicka JOHN CENA!!!!

You're not you when you're hungry - bobbythebrony

...Eminem or John Cena?

This is funny

Hilarious. - Powerfulgirl10

V 3 Comments
98 Your nipples smell like cabbage and grape juice

Lemon octopus

Why would u be smelling my nipples?



V 1 Comment
99 Fruity fruit finds fresh funky fun factor for farmers fame fibbed fibber fiber flushed falls function frogs fipple flutes fanbase

Aaagh such a tongue twister

AHHH! Biggest tongue twister ever! - Powerfulgirl10

I this that this hilariouse


V 3 Comments
100 Snow feels so warm and sensual.

It's hot in here...

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