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101 Communist vaginas eat checkers on twelve

That's dirty. I can report this

That's creepy... - Powerfulgirl10


WHAT?! Haha lol

102 The tree smacked the fish across the rainbow.

What the what LOL!


LOL what - Qackydontus

103 The answer to life is suitcase because panda + dishwasher = 42

You got it wrong its 420

it good

104 Rainbows fly under the world.

I just died of laughter and resurrected

I wish they did. Miners would see beauty.

Good - Lunala

105 Random doesn't equal funny.

I am afraid that it does, my kind sir.

You are correct

106 If a blue potato went up to a red sausage, how would you be able to save the pink pineapple from drowning in a sea of lemonade?

According to my calculations, the most accurate answer (maybe) is by sticking the skinny potato up your nose - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Cheese because cats don't tree on the cow roof - Lunala

Green, because lions don't wear berets.

I aked my dad this and he said you would scoop it out with a fork covered in mayonaise

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107 She ate my lamborghini!

Lol. She must've had a big mouth. - Powerfulgirl10


Wow so lame

108 I like pie

Laugh out loud my friend jesse used to say that all the time

I have a friend who says nothing but "Pie" or "Cake", he'd love this one

I once had a friend named Pie.

Your like a walking enclopedia of weirdness

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109 Hi my name is (what?), my name is (who?), my name is chicka chicka JOHN CENA!!!!

You're not you when you're hungry - bobbythebrony

...Eminem or John Cena?

This is funny

Hilarious. - Powerfulgirl10

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110 This is worst than being slapped on the face by a grumpy old fridge!

This is so funny

111 Your nipples smell like cabbage and grape juice

Lemon octopus

Why would u be smelling my nipples?



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112 Fruity fruit finds fresh funky fun factor for farmers fame fibbed fibber fiber flushed falls function frogs fipple flutes fanbase

Aaagh such a tongue twister

AHHH! Biggest tongue twister ever! - Powerfulgirl10

I this that this hilariouse


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113 I like squirrels

That last comment was from phineas and ferb

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114 Your blowfish was caught walking on French and Polish saltwater, whilst progressing homework backwards without anything to drink.

I understand this blowfish

But I gave the pony grape juice yesterday! '

Poop is tasty is the answer

How could he?!

115 I Like Turtles

Ice bear likes turtles-ice bear

Love it so much I love turtles to death as well

Its I like tortles - Heyo_Simba


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116 Snow feels so warm and sensual.

It's hot in here...

117 Me is not. You know why? Because of the sea llama named Jeffery behind

My name is not mango it's potato

This is really bad



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118 I'm gay.

How can you be that happy?

I approve! I am gay!


Good for you! :D

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119 This airplane tastes like tofu.


120 Alphys ate Papyrus' spaghetti then went Super Saiyan and threw a monster waffle at Mettaton. Nyeh heh heh

Yay 4 uddertale



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