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101 Fruity fruit finds fresh funky fun factor for farmers fame fibbed fibber fiber flushed falls function frogs fipple flutes fanbase

Aaagh such a tongue twister

AHHH! Biggest tongue twister ever! - Powerfulgirl10

I this that this hilariouse


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102 I like squirrels

That last comment was from phineas and ferb

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103 Your blowfish was caught walking on French and Polish saltwater, whilst progressing homework backwards without anything to drink.

I understand this blowfish

But I gave the pony grape juice yesterday! '

Poop is tasty is the answer

How could he?!

104 Snow feels so warm and sensual.

It's hot in here...

105 Me is not. You know why? Because of the sea llama named Jeffery behind

My name is not mango it's potato

This is really bad



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106 I Like Turtles

Love it so much I love turtles to death as well

Ice bear likes turtles-ice bear

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107 I'm gay.

How can you be that happy?

I approve! I am gay!


Good for you! :D

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108 Alphys ate Papyrus' spaghetti then went Super Saiyan and threw a monster waffle at Mettaton. Nyeh heh heh

Yay 4 uddertale



109 My pet ant died next year

Screw you! You can't predict the future! - Powerfulgirl10

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110 What in the name of singing alligators...?

Imagine you saying that to your teacher after they say

Well, Singing alligators can't have names because the purple cat had too many brick pancakes. - Chillyconmor

Those singing alligators will get you every ' time...

111 This airplane tastes like tofu.


112 Man actually evolved into ape

It just seems like mankind is evolving in to apes.

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113 There's a big blue muffin in the backyard and it wants pie with cheeze

Tell him to find another potato to squeeze

I feel the need to rap this

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114 Damn the rain is wet again

I just got dry from jumping in the ocean, now the rain made me wet?!?!?

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115 Fuzzy bucket of lies.

It's all pink and cute and stuff


No it is the truth, chuck just pooped so it came out like that.

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116 When does the 5 o'clock news start

Oh my gosh! I say stuff like this all the time!

Lol this is funny

I am confused to, because it always says 11 alive news at 10

I like it

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117 I'm secretly a ninja llama, but shh don't tell anyone! V 3 Comments
118 I killed a drunk pipe

But it came back to life and smoketh my glass before thine very own.

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119 I objectify orangutan mafia blue. V 2 Comments
120 Grass tastes bad

Really I think we all know that

Ik this...

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