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101 Hi my name is (what?), my name is (who?), my name is chicka chicka JOHN CENA!!!!

You're not you when you're hungry - bobbythebrony

...Eminem or John Cena?

This is funny

Hilarious. - Powerfulgirl10

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102 Your nipples smell like cabbage and grape juice

Lemon octopus

Why would u be smelling my nipples?



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103 Fruity fruit finds fresh funky fun factor for farmers fame fibbed fibber fiber flushed falls function frogs fipple flutes fanbase

Aaagh such a tongue twister

AHHH! Biggest tongue twister ever! - Powerfulgirl10

I this that this hilariouse


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104 Snow feels so warm and sensual.

It's hot in here...

105 I like squirrels

That last comment was from phineas and ferb

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106 Me is not. You know why? Because of the sea llama named Jeffery behind

My name is not mango it's potato

This is really bad



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107 Your blowfish was caught walking on French and Polish saltwater, whilst progressing homework backwards without anything to drink.

But I gave the pony grape juice yesterday! '

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108 What in the name of singing alligators...?

Imagine you saying that to your teacher after they say

Those singing alligators will get you every ' time...

109 I'm gay.

How can you be that happy?

I approve! I am gay!


Good for you! :D

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110 Man actually evolved into ape

It just seems like mankind is evolving in to apes.

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111 There's a big blue muffin in the backyard and it wants pie with cheeze

Tell him to find another potato to squeeze

I feel the need to rap this

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112 Damn the rain is wet again

I just got dry from jumping in the ocean, now the rain made me wet?!?!?

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113 Alphys ate Papyrus' spaghetti then went Super Saiyan and threw a monster waffle at Mettaton. Nyeh heh heh

Yay 4 uddertale



114 My pet ant died next year

Screw you! You can't predict the future! - Powerfulgirl10

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115 Fuzzy bucket of lies.

It's all pink and cute and stuff


No it is the truth, chuck just pooped so it came out like that.

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116 When does the 5 o'clock news start

Oh my gosh! I say stuff like this all the time!

Lol this is funny

I am confused to, because it always says 11 alive news at 10

I like it

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117 I objectify orangutan mafia blue. V 2 Comments
118 Grass tastes bad

Really I think we all know that

Ik this...

119 Eating cheese on National Airplane Day (tuesdays) at Bob and Steve's Bakery rocks more than miss-matched socks
120 The website itself



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