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121 Man actually evolved into ape

It just seems like mankind is evolving in to apes.

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122 There's a big blue muffin in the backyard and it wants pie with cheeze

Tell him to find another potato to squeeze

I feel the need to rap this

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123 Damn the rain is wet again

I just got dry from jumping in the ocean, now the rain made me wet?!?!?

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124 Grass tastes bad

Really I think we all know that

It tastes like lettuce

Ik this...

125 Fuzzy bucket of lies.

It's all pink and cute and stuff


No it is the truth, chuck just pooped so it came out like that.

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126 When does the 5 o'clock news start

Oh my gosh! I say stuff like this all the time!

Lol this is funny

I am confused to, because it always says 11 alive news at 10

I like it

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127 I'm secretly a ninja llama, but shh don't tell anyone! V 3 Comments
128 I killed a drunk pipe

But it came back to life and smoketh my glass before thine very own.

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129 I objectify orangutan mafia blue. V 2 Comments
130 Flamingo is gentle, like hamburger
131 Eating cheese on National Airplane Day (tuesdays) at Bob and Steve's Bakery rocks more than miss-matched socks
132 The website itself



133 So when I changed the light bulb, the frog screamed blue muffins.

Same thing happened to me but except toad from Mario ate my moms baby lotion and a I missed my rainbow eating competition.

Blue muffinns FOR LIFE!

134 My potato has 47 butt holes

Is there 47 types of poop, too? - Silverfroststorm

I laughed so hard

I cry every time looking at it's butt holes *sad song plays* - CerealGuy

135 I like Trains

gets run over by train - kaitlynrad11

I say this all the time!

Dillon always says that in some accent and it gets REALLY annoying!

I see what you did there

136 When life gives you lemons you throw them at children V 3 Comments
137 Cloth is yum like paper
138 I am puzzled how a manatee can kill a Mario in 888 thousand seconds squared.

Does the manatee want to kill Mario or Luigi?

Mysteries of life

Made me pee in my pants

Love it

139 I found Santa drunk on my table when I went to see my presents

I just pissed my self

What was in thos cookies

Oh... My... God. - Powerfulgirl10

140 I'm in is bag.

WHERE, I can't SEE YOU! Wait your in the bag.

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