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121 I found Santa drunk on my table when I went to see my presents

I just pissed my self

What was in thos cookies

Oh... My... God. - Powerfulgirl10

122 I'm in is bag.

WHERE, I can't SEE YOU! Wait your in the bag.

V 3 Comments
123 Choosing your socks by how much glue they have on them isn't right.

No, it really isn't. But tacos still are made of strawberries, so it's all good.

Unless you use the scale of 1/287 glues and put it through a machine of green letters and chair numbers.

Because they don't chose how much glue they get. Evil Dr airplane does. =^v^=

124 When life gives you lemons you throw them at children V 3 Comments
125 The moon is a sandwich V 3 Comments
126 I am puzzled how a manatee can kill a Mario in 888 thousand seconds squared.

Does the manatee want to kill Mario or Luigi?

V 2 Comments
127 Elizabeth Taylor drunk bigfoot taco

Laugh Out Loud. I don't know what to say. - Powerfulgirl10

This isn't a sentence


I died

128 I have a banana phone that really works

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring! Banana phone! Banana phone!

129 That pillow went whiz and that pointy cloud went gargle and that rainbow horsey went MEOW

And the leperchon jumped in the pot of acid

And the Pie started chucking cats everywhere

And the air conditioner went to planet mars to celebrate Easter with the finch. =^v^=

130 Dumb apple

Laugh out loud. Smack. Someone and say dumb apple laugh out loud jk don't really do that

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131 So when I changed the light bulb, the frog screamed blue muffins.

Same thing happened to me but except toad from Mario ate my moms baby lotion and a I missed my rainbow eating competition.

V 1 Comment
132 My potato has 47 butt holes V 2 Comments
133 Deranged llama Larry took a selfie V 1 Comment
134 I got a special bacon, then you throw me text airplanes in the censored face. V 2 Comments
135 Otis smells like fungus.

I think it's time or a bath Otis. - funnyuser

Funniest one on here

136 Bigfoot crapped on a purple apple then ate it
137 Polar bears are friendly because they went through menopause and they smell corn dogs in whales

Dammit polar bears!

What does menopause mean?

so funny - Lunala


138 phsychedelic sandwich

Really? Hmm... That explains why your upside down and riding a purple pony...

V 3 Comments
139 I watch apples that go swimming at a lake when its dark out at 8:30 a.m. in the afternoon.

It's 8:30 in the morning in the afternoon in the morning in the afternoon in the morning in the afternoon

V 2 Comments
140 Shhh, the cheese may tell your grandma

Or I mighttell her! DUN DUN!

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