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141 Otis smells like fungus.

I think it's time or a bath Otis. - funnyuser

Funniest one on here

142 Polar bears are friendly because they went through menopause and they smell corn dogs in whales

Dammit polar bears!

What does menopause mean?

so funny - Lunala


143 phsychedelic sandwich

Really? Hmm... That explains why your upside down and riding a purple pony...

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144 I watch apples that go swimming at a lake when its dark out at 8:30 a.m. in the afternoon.

It's 8:30 in the morning in the afternoon in the morning in the afternoon in the morning in the afternoon

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145 Shhh, the cheese may tell your grandma

Or I mighttell her! DUN DUN!

146 I am here all the time except when I'm not.

I told my friends this and they were laughing so hard

This one is the best!

147 Sometimes I like to put corn beef on my cereal to cure stitches in my forehead after falling off the staircase doing a skateboard trick. V 1 Comment
148 Ugly People are Hot Llamas V 1 Comment
149 Watch and take notes as we let a batch of preschoolers into the forest and let the pumpkins loose

No--anything but the pumpkins! They're the only known natural predator of preschoolers!

I immediately thought "yeah throw those batch of preschoolers into the forest! "

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150 My donkey fell in your waffle hole
151 My greatest invention is my greatest invention.
152 Giraffes Eat Clothes

Get a swat team down here, stat

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153 I saw horses puke.

Which is funny because horses can't puke

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154 John Cuzack ate the green zebra while the lamp stared out the fuzzy window
155 If there was a monkey in your suitcase what will you do?

I'd tell it, "See that man over there? Yeah, him. You see, he has a banana hidden on him somewhere, and it's YOUR job to find it. Okay? Now, GO get it! " and he'd find it.

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156 Before I go do you think I can get a squirrel doggie bag perhaps wrapped in foil in the shape of a crab? V 1 Comment
157 So you broke the cat portfolio, huh? Now go and sign Alice's white mushroom tied up with yarn.

I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT! The cat startled me and... And... I bumped into it! Please, Alice really doesn't like me...

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158 I stepped on unicorn flake by purpose to get blue cheese to power my electric pizza softener V 1 Comment
159 If I am purple the sun is called a blue taco

And if bears are zebras then grass is 87.

160 My pet llama named Bob ate my underwear like a chimichanga!!

What is the obsession on this site with llamas!?

What's with llamas in this site? Alpacas are better. They even pwaa.

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