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141 phsychedelic sandwich

Really? Hmm... That explains why your upside down and riding a purple pony...

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142 I watch apples that go swimming at a lake when its dark out at 8:30 a.m. in the afternoon.

It's 8:30 in the morning in the afternoon in the morning in the afternoon in the morning in the afternoon

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143 Shhh, the cheese may tell your grandma

Or I mighttell her! DUN DUN!

144 Bran flakes chased me into a raging creek and now I am friends with a trout named jeremy who has an odd obsession with obese porcupines

Are the porcupines bran flakes?

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145 I am here all the time except when I'm not.

I told my friends this and they were laughing so hard

This one is the best!

146 Sometimes I like to put corn beef on my cereal to cure stitches in my forehead after falling off the staircase doing a skateboard trick. V 1 Comment
147 Watch and take notes as we let a batch of preschoolers into the forest and let the pumpkins loose

No--anything but the pumpkins! They're the only known natural predator of preschoolers!

I immediately thought "yeah throw those batch of preschoolers into the forest! "

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148 My donkey fell in your waffle hole
149 My greatest invention is my greatest invention.
150 Giraffes Eat Clothes

Get a swat team down here, stat

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151 John Cuzack ate the green zebra while the lamp stared out the fuzzy window
152 If there was a monkey in your suitcase what will you do?

I'd tell it, "See that man over there? Yeah, him. You see, he has a banana hidden on him somewhere, and it's YOUR job to find it. Okay? Now, GO get it! " and he'd find it.

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153 Before I go do you think I can get a squirrel doggie bag perhaps wrapped in foil in the shape of a crab? V 1 Comment
154 So you broke the cat portfolio, huh? Now go and sign Alice's white mushroom tied up with yarn.

I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT! The cat startled me and... And... I bumped into it! Please, Alice really doesn't like me...

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155 I stepped on unicorn flake by purpose to get blue cheese to power my electric pizza softener V 1 Comment
156 If I am purple the sun is called a blue taco

And if bears are zebras then grass is 87.

157 When girls sneeze they spread unicorn disease.

Is unicorn disease when ever u turn into a magical unicorn and eat butterflies?

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158 I hope an atom bomb takes out my entire city and then Tom comes out and says "Don't you believe it"
159 Dis items haz por gramer V 1 Comment
160 You're so gay, your mama should've been slapped with a piece of hay! V 1 Comment
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