Top Ten Random Story Titles You Can Think Of


The Top Ten

1 The Tale of Uncle Noodles and His Burger Sons

This story might well be very interesting to read. Who knows? - Kiteretsunu

That's a random story title - JandS3000

2 Why Grandpa Tom Stole a Pencil...

Grandpa Tom stole the pencil because the thug life chosen him - CerealGuy

3 The Tale of Hair Growing In Armpits
4 The Fantastic Chocolate
5 The Two Gorillas
6 The Smelly Library
7 Richard Norman and His Three Puppies
8 The Big "F"

Hey! This has just inspired me to write a story on this. Thank you! - Britgirl

A big meaty Bomba - CerealGuy

9 The Secret of the Rusted Spoon

Rusted spoon is rusted...that's the important secret of the universe wait I leak it - CerealGuy

Well, this does make me think of Sam Kean's "The Disappearing Spoon". A very good book. - PositronWildhawk

10 Eggs and Eggplants

The Contenders

11 How You Face Exploded
12 On But Not Under Grandpa Jacks's Nipples
13 I Don't Care Much About That Cheese Stick Master.
14 Sexy Hydrocarbons Make Bad Cocktails
15 Billy Bob and the Big Booty of Brooklyn
16 The Many Adventures Of Chuck Norris

Must be an interesting read! - funnyuser

17 101 Ding Dongs and the Giant Mango
18 Billy and the Noodle Pancake

I might make up my own story about this. - funnyuser

19 One Direction And Bella Swan Get Killed
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