Most Random Things That Can Happen On Your Way to School

The Top Ten
1 The bus crashes for no reason

If I was in a bus like that, I'd be very scared.

2 Pinkie Pie walks with you

This is kinda funny now that I think about it. - nintendofan126

3 You get whacked by a seagull
4 Everyone on this website rides the school bus

TopTenners could finally meet their friends in real life!

3DG20, Userguy44, Britgirl, Minecraftcrazy530, wowzer!

5 Large Marge drives

Her face looks like earthworm jim taking a crap... - DapperPickle

6 You trip and fall on a Snorlax

Me: no more school I'll stay here

7 You oversleep and miss the bus at the last second

This happened before

8 You get pantsed
9 You get uncontrollable diarrhea

I got diarrhea on my way to school once, buy luckily I was able to control it.

10 You die

I hope this happens. I don't wanna be alive anymore!

The Contenders
11 You see a dog pooping

Well, and that’s normal. - JoeBoi

12 You Vomit on your shoes

This happened to me embarrassing :(

13 You see a spring rocking horse in someone else's yard
14 You shart your pants
15 You fall in the sewer
16 The bus driver plays Gucci Gang

Oofer gang is better. - 0w0uwu

17 Some idiot screams in your ear

Cardi B screams in my ear* - 0w0uwu

18 The bus driver plays Super Junior
19 The bus driver sings I like to move it move it
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