Most Random Things That Can Happen On Your Way to School

The Top Ten

The bus crashes for no reason

If I was in a bus like that, I'd be very scared.

Pinkie Pie walks with you

This is kinda funny now that I think about it. - nintendofan126

You get whacked by a seagull
Everyone on this website rides the school bus

TopTenners could finally meet their friends in real life!

3DG20, Userguy44, Britgirl, Minecraftcrazy530, wowzer!

Large Marge drives

Her face looks like earthworm jim taking a crap... - DapperPickle

You trip and fall on a Snorlax

Me: no more school I'll stay here

You oversleep and miss the bus at the last second

This happened before

You get pantsed
You get uncontrollable diarrhea

I got diarrhea on my way to school once, buy luckily I was able to control it.

You die

I hope this happens. I don't wanna be alive anymore!

The Contenders

You see a dog pooping

Well, and that’s normal. - JoeBoi

You Vomit on your shoes

This happened to me embarrassing :(

You see a spring rocking horse in someone else's yard
You shart your pants
You fall in the sewer
The bus driver plays Gucci Gang

Oofer gang is better. - 0w0uwu

Some idiot screams in your ear

Cardi B screams in my ear* - 0w0uwu

The bus driver plays Super Junior
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