Top Ten Random Things That Could Happen at a Military School

The Top Ten

1 The annual pillow fight turns deadly

That is true. Pillow fights can turn from a harmless game (as in a slumber party pillow fight) into a very aggressive fight that can cross the line, especially if the solders are trying to kill someone (or something like that).

2 Mass suicide in the laundry room

This isn't so out of the ordinary... - Rocko

3 A student kills the Commander in the bathroom

Good luck with that student because what if the Commander is far more stronger than his/her students? And can kick their asses in a very hard way? Plus, no student would do that to their Commanders, teachers, principals, bosses, etc.

4 Zombies invade the school

Oh you waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse? Tell me when Michael Jackson comes.

5 Isis shows up and the students kill them all

Less terrorists, however, this would breed more. Dang it!

6 A horse kicks someone in the genitals at the shooting range
7 Dracula becomes your teacher
8 The FBI arrests everyone while Red Jumpsuit Apparatus plays in the background
9 Scooby and Shaggy become students

I get the reference there...

10 Domo-kun comes and declares war.

The Contenders

11 A prostitute becomes the school nurse
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