Top Ten Most Random Things That Could Happen to Rowan Blanchard

The Top Ten

1 She joins TheTopTens
2 She reads this list

Rowan Blanchard would be fine about reading this list.

3 She marries a moose
4 She eats a bear

With pasta sauce and maple syrup! Bonnie Appetitti!

5 She becomes a cannibal
6 She moves to Jerusalem

Rowan moves to Jerusalem does not sound like a bad idea to be honest.

7 She does a youtube video with Tariq Nasheed
8 She does a youtube video with Tommy Sotomayor
9 She does a youtube video with Soncerae Smith
10 She kisses Christian Weston Chandler

The Contenders

11 She finds out Beyoncé is her mom

If this happens I will be laughing. - TopTensFan

12 She tests her DNA and it turns out her dad's side of the family isn't human, but weasel.
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