Top Ten Random Things That Could Happen to You On Your Way to Work

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Be Escorted Across The Road by an Old Person

Sweet thing to happen but so weird - especially if you don't even want to cross. - Britgirl

Wow, I never thought of that... - moonwolf

That would make me feel old - KingSlayer93316


Suddenly Have the Urge to Lay Down in the Middle of the Road and Pretend You're Dead

Haha this is funny!
Hey maybe the Way to work for you is near Bears so you tell people I'm playing Dead - Curti2594

I totally get it.

You could be tired, but maybe not the best place to rest. Haha! This one made me laugh! - NerdyPweeps

Be careful though, because you might accidentally end up... Oh! - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

Get Married to a Complete Stranger

You'd be quite late for work, then, if this were to happen! - PositronWildhawk

Am I in Vegas or something?

I guess things accelerated quickly when they met - Randomator

Is this guy for real?

Someone Shouts "Bingo" in Your Ear Just For the Fun of it.

I have seen this happen to a sleeping train passenger by a drunk man. - Britgirl

The Sky Suddenly Falls on You

Chicken little laugh out loud - kidlava111

This reminds me of a movie... - funnyuser

But not everyone else... ? THE WORLD IS CONSPIRING AGAINST YOU!


Get Run Over by an Ambulance

Then, you would probably need to be in the ambulance more than the person it’s going to. - sadical

Yeah, he will be more than fired...

I've never seen anyone getting run over by an Ambulance either. I don't it's going to happen in real life... �"

Oh, the irony!

You Stop in the Middle of a Busy Street and Announce Loudly to The World "I'm Ready!"

Haha! Actually this thing happened to me a year ago. That day was my semester exam for Maths, and just for relieving myself I said this! - Kiteretsunu

Yay! Spongebob would be so proud! - happyhappyjoyjoy

Haha! That would be very funny, Imagine that Everyone Started saying "I'm Ready" on a Busy street It would Be Hilarious. SpongeBob would love This!. - Dreamformusic

I would love to do that! Weirdness! And lots of people staring at me... - funnyuser

Someone Gives You a Suitcase With Comic Books in

You would probably be fired

You Realise That You've Left Your House Completely Naked, Shrug it off and Carry on Anyway

But I'd be wondering where to put my hands in the absence of pockets - Britgirl

Obviously this would never happen to me but it is rather random laugh out loud

Whoever would do this is most likely very lazy or drunk.

Oh well, rookie's mistake. - Rocko

You Die

These are all in the 2% chance of happening

Its is the funniest ting ever

And I was going to get a promotion today... - KingSlayer93316

Britgirl, your funny and all but seriously. out of all the random ideas you chose "you die"... (laghing super hard)... - yolo2346

The Contenders

The Whole Town Starts Singing and Dancing Like They're in a Musical and After 10 Minutes, Suddenly go about Their Business as if Nothing Had Happened

YES, I WILL SING WITH YOU. And likely continue to sing even after the ten minutes is up.

It once happened for a T-Mobile ad at Liverpool street station. YouTube it! Search "T-Mobile Dance" and it should come up. - PositronWildhawk

As Positron has already mentioned, this actually happened at Liverpool Street station.
I missed it though, someone obstructed the doors I think. - Rocko

Wait? Why is everybody singing? Oh, I'll join in too then! ( Sings) Reminds me of a certain Race To The Edge episode. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

You see Obama playing RingaRingaRoses with Vladmir Putin.

Ring around a rosey, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down

I did not see that coming.

Haha to funny

Ashes, ashes you fall off a cliff.

Fall in Love. . .

Laugh out loud! What I'm I missing here? - keyson

How could you fall in love with someone on your way to work? - sadical

What if you’re married? Also, this is just random - KingSlayer93316

In response to that guy, where exactly are you getting that idea from? That is just the dumbest comment on TheTopTens. And I'm sure Britgirl will agree. - PositronWildhawk

An Ocean Liner Falls Out of Your Pocket

Laugh out loud! Imagine walking to your office, taking out your keys from your pocket and an OCEAN LINER falls out at your feet! Thank you to whoever added this one. - Britgirl

I knew those combat trousers weren't secure... - Rocko

How do you fit it in there?!?!

That does not even make sense whatsoever

A Guy In a Patrick Star Costume Comes Up to You and Shouts, "Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee"

It happened to me just five minutes ago! He must've known it was my birthday. - PositronWildhawk

THIS IS FUNNY! I can imagine this. Haha! Thank you! - Britgirl

You Turn the Corner and Come Face to Face With. . . JUSTIN BEIBER!

(SOB)! Why are you doing this to me? - Britgirl

Whoever you are, why do you hate America?

Luckily, I have a rifle in my briefcase - KingSlayer93316

*pulls out a RPG*
NO. - aarond09

A Guy Carrying Pineapples Walks Past You and Says, I've Found It the Rare Pork Mother Load, It's In My Hands If You Want a Look. You're About to Say They Are Pineapples But He Runs Away Screaming I Know You Think Justin Bieber Is Terrible.

From the looks of it, you were thinking of A Guy Carrying Pineapples Walks Past You and Says, I've Found It the Rare Pork Mother Load, It's In My Hands If You Want a Look. You're About to Say They Are Pineapples But He Runs Away Screaming I Know You Think Justin Bieber Is Terrible. - PositronWildhawk

Haha! This made me laugh. Hey, are you The Idiot who adds THAT name on most lists? Because if you are, I would like a few choice words with you.. Don't you DARE run off... - Britgirl

This once happened to me on the tube. The weirdest thing about it was that he was standing on the left side of the escalator. - Rocko

I don't know what I was thinking

You Get Bit by a Hamburger

Random... This came to me as a misread of that person who shouts bingo.. , wasn't paying attention I guess. - CityGuru

That would be weird if it was a whopper

Haha! Messy too! : ( - Britgirl

And scream, " Hamburger! On my shirt. Oh, no my new priceless shirt! - funnyuser

The Police Take You As Part of an Identity Parade for Flashing at Dogs
You Get Struck by Lightning

Laugh out loud What are the chances of that 1/1000... ZAP sizzle sizzle Sizzle Ouch - Curti2594

Why would you be walking to work in a storm anyway? - Minecraftcrazy530

Be kidnapped as You Are in the Middle of Replying to Someone's Top Ten List

How do you reply to lists?

You mean commenting on? - sadical

I don’t go on TheTopTens until after work though - KingSlayer93316

I'M DYING! HAHAAHA - awesomedp900

You See a Guy Standing On Top of a Skyscraper Yelling "I'm the King of the World!"

I wish this would happen - KingSlayer93316

Suddenly Laser Squirrels Appear and Begin Firing Lasers at Giant Flying Laser Bunnies While Sky Dogs Shoot Your Car With Lasers and Devil Cats Shoot Your Car With Evil Beams of Death and Shoop-da-whoop Appears and Fires His Lazor

I rofl'd when I saw this - aarond09

You Die and Then all of These Random Things Happen in Order

Wait, how will you see all the stuff happen? Do you see everything on this list and then die of excitement or do you just miss out? - KingSlayer93316

A Piano Were To Fall On You

Piano's are heavy objecs. You wouldn't live to tell everyone in the pub after work, "Guess what! A piano fell on me today! "

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