Top Ten Random Things That Could Happen at Your Wedding

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1 A drunk hooker runs the groom over

Then it looks like the hooker deserves a huge and hard punch on the face by a very BEAUTIFUL bride. The bride would also be crying nonstop.

Oh...that's kinda dark

2 The priest gets sniped
3 The guest singer turns out to be Nicki Minaj

Those songs wouldn't fit a wedding

Not as worse than Justin Bieber.

Some people like Nicki Minaj, some don't.

I would walk out, then! Haha!

4 Mike Tyson comes and bites the bride's nose off
5 The groom's brother has sex with the bride's sister

That would be awkward - Randomator

6 The Bride sneezes and a baby pops out

Who decided to get pregnet when you have a wedding!? WHF

That would just be akward

So you’re implying that they “did it” before they got married? - Randomator

7 All the men start pinning dollars onto the bride
8 Metallica walk in while the band is playing a slow song, kicks them off the stage, and start playing.

Wedding band: I love the slow wedding songs!
*Metallica walks in*
*Kicks band off stage*
Metallica: Now THIS is real band music!
*plays Walk*

This would be both funny and awesome at the same time. Of course, you can substitute any band that rocks for Metallica; that's just one example. - Gg2000

9 A plane crash near the wedding place

That would be very scary and sad.

10 The groom's other wife/gf walks in

Oh! Busted!

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11 Bear starts doing Watch Me Wip/Nae Nae
12 The guest singer is Billie Eilish
13 Someone plays a Marilyn Manson song

We’re trying to listen to Heaven In Hiding here!

14 The singer is Justin Bieber
15 The groom is a girl in a costume
16 Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears starts playing
17 A drunk guy kisses the bride
18 The bride and the groom get into a fist fight
19 There is dog meat in the wedding cake
20 When the band is performing, Jeongyeon from TWICE arrives, kicks them off stage, and runs around screaming “May The Force Be With You”
21 Irene and Seulgi from Red Velvet arrive and make out with each other during the wedding reception
22 The bride pukes rainbows
23 There’s a basketball court on the dance floor
24 The demogorgon from Stranger Things arrives and eats the groom
25 The wedding cake is made of canned cheese
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