Top Ten Random Things That Could Happen at Your Wedding

The Top Ten

1 A drunk hooker runs the groom over

Oh...that's kinda dark

Then it looks like the hooker deserves a huge and hard punch on the face by a very BEAUTIFUL bride. The bride would also be crying nonstop.

2 The priest gets sniped
3 The guest singer turns out to be Nicki Minaj

Those songs wouldn't fit a wedding

Not as worse than Justin Bieber.

Some people like Nicki Minaj, some don't.

I would walk out, then! Haha!

4 Mike Tyson comes and bites the bride's nose off
5 The groom's brother has sex with the bride's sister

That would be awkward - Randomator

6 The Bride sneezes and a baby pops out

Who decided to get pregnet when you have a wedding!? WHF

That would just be akward

So you’re implying that they “did it” before they got married? - Randomator

7 All the men start pinning dollars onto the bride
8 Metallica walk in while the band is playing a slow song, kicks them off the stage, and start playing.

Wedding band: I love the slow wedding songs!
*Metallica walks in*
*Kicks band off stage*
Metallica: Now THIS is real band music!
*plays Walk*

This would be both funny and awesome at the same time. Of course, you can substitute any band that rocks for Metallica; that's just one example. - Gg2000

9 The groom's other wife/gf walks in

Oh! Busted!

10 Bear starts doing Watch Me Wip/Nae Nae

The Contenders

11 Someone plays a Marilyn Manson song

We’re trying to listen to Heaven In Hiding here!

12 A plane crash near the wedding place

That would be very scary and sad.

13 The singer is Justin Bieber
14 The groom is a girl in a costume
15 Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears starts playing
16 A drunk guy kisses the bride
17 The guest singer is Billie Eilish
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