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1 Little girls bite a black female tourist thinking that she's chocolate

I am not racist. This is a true story I heard from a friend who went to China and this friend was a black woman - bobbythebrony

This sounds a bit racist... But... It might not be. - DapperPickle

This reminds me of a movie where a little boy got turned into a living human chocolate.

Okay, this is weird but true.

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2 Teenagers throw dynamite at an elderly woman

Based on Jimmy Hopkins - bobbythebrony

That's horrible - Ananya

Dang that is just baf

What? - Amaimon

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3 An old man beats a goat with a shovel

No, that problems very big in Africa. - DapperPickle

I do this with my wife

But why? What did the goat ever do to you? - KingSlayer93316

WHY - Amaimon

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4 A turnip asks you on a date

Oh yes, Johnston. He was a short stubby brown haired green eyed turnip. He was so ugly and obnoxious, he asked me out, and I said no because he is my friend's ex, and that is awkward, but he started crying, so I cooked him and ate him with my salad. - ToptenPizza

That's happened before. Only I turned her down. - PositronWildhawk

Aw man I just hate when that happens

Johnston was such a flirt gosh

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5 Someone get shot in the testicles

I did this to someone in Fortnite.

Didn't this happen to hitler? - TeamRocket747

This isn't even random! It happens in FPS games a lot!

Ow. - SirSheep

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6 You see a married couple stabbing each other in a park

I would try to break it up (and avoid serious injury), and make my companion call 911. - Cyri

Oh no, not again! - Rocko

What's so unusual about this - tgbhj

Sounds like they may need to see a marriage counselor soon. Or a divorce laywer... Or maybe a murder laywer - SirSheep

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7 A monkey assaults you

Some months ago I went to a dispensary, Saw an elderly couple sitting on the seats in front of me ; The man's entire right calf was swollen, Told that he was bitten by an monkey..had 15 injections still it suppurated, the calf was yellowish though covered with medicinal dressing and crepe bandages.
Doctor said he needed 2 operations as well
Overall the man looked really fit and healthy (as well as his wife) Hope he's better now. - Ananya

This has happened many times with chimpanzees. Google "chimpanzee attack" but be forewarned the pictures are pretty gruesome.

That's most likely Justin Bieber. He cheats on women and we don't really know if he assaults women. We may not know...

I'm the money

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8 You're forced to dig a hole for a bathroom

If you miss then you gotta kick the turd into the hole - bobbythebrony

Out of the hole, into the hole, that's what I always say - CityGuru

That's France for you, folks! Trust me, I've been there. - PositronWildhawk

But I want to do my buisness somewhere else! I’m not digging a hole... - KingSlayer93316

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9 You get sentenced to death for failing a history exam

I failed history exam because I stole Hitler's shoe, which is the reason why I'm about to get killed. - Delgia2k

Here's a fun fact: This list was originally titled Top Ten Random Things That Could Happen in China. - bobbythebrony

Jeez, these people obviously become deranged by looking at Hitler's works. - PositronWildhawk

Even as a history boss, I still fail questions. I got a 78 on a history quiz once.
I'm just more World War II historian. - TeamRocket747

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10 A pineapple attacks you while you're watering your spaghetti garden on the ceiling.

At this point, I'm not even surprised anymore - SirSheep

This is funny. Haha! - JaysTop10List

I want this to happen - Amaimon

O ok so just a normal day lmao

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? Disney Buys Patreon

It'll be hilarious.

? You See Someone Eat Ramen Noodles in the middle of a golf field

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11 You brother shows up and steals your wallet

What if there is no money in it?

I relate

It could happen, but my brother lives too far from me, and he’s only 13... - KingSlayer93316

12 Hitler Steals Your Nutella

Hitler owes me Nutella then.


How am I going to live now?! - KingSlayer93316

Not again...

Not to be disrspfull but this would be funny I just think about him run with the nutella and a woman scream ing NO NO NO NOT MY NUTELLA THAT'S THE ONLY THING I LOVE DON'T EAT HIM NO 😂😂😂😂😂

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13 You found a small rock.

Pioneers used to drive these for miles! - Rocko

14 Your head falls off without anyone beheading you
15 Get thrown into the sun by G Hannelius

That will never happen. - Gehenna


16 You get run over by a giant banana

Courage the cowardly dog I think... - Ananya

17 A llama named Carl stabs you 37 times in the chest

Is this supposed to be a reference to Jimmy Neutron?

Lol llamas with hats! - SammySpore

... does this have to do wirh princess anastasia's maid, as she was stabbed 37 times? I think...


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18 A purple urn smashes through your biodome and crushes your photos of your deceased piano while you are swimming in your meatball pool next to your house made of jell-o

What? - KingSlayer93316

oh no!

19 Windows 10 is a virus which blows up your computer

I'm on Windows 10!

I’m lucky I’m on an iPhone 8s right now

But I do have Windows 10 on my computer... - KingSlayer93316

20 Be famous

Um, I'm already famous. Not to brag. But I've been on T.V., radio and in 8 newspapers across the country. And don't worry, people. I'm not an ass like Justin Bieber.

21 Get eaten by the girl that play Trish on Austin and Ally

That's really mean. She's a beautiful, talented actress.

Supporting cannibalism is just so wrong though - KingSlayer93316

And now the cannibals are coming to get you because you seem to like it, haha - KingSlayer93316

AH NO - IceFoxPlayz

22 An elephant talks and flies to Neptune

That is so funny - mathguy37


23 A horse runs by yelling, "MARCO!"

Polo! - IceFoxPlayz

Is aot reference? lmfao

24 Carl from Llamas with Hats blows up the Universe



25 A plane crash in your house while you are having sex
26 Man Of Steel Eats Your Heart

My nan shanks you in you bathroom when your eating a dog


27 Two waffles have sex

Will this be in Sausage Party 2, if it comes out? - KingSlayer93316

Like that YouTube video - bobbythebrony

28 Hot Asian women begin to surround you with big smiles

WOW...that would be awkward.

29 Random emo-looking tacos come up to you an tickle your nose

DAS MINE. I PUT DAT THERE! I don't have an account though :c

I would eat them. My nose isn’t ticklish at all - KingSlayer93316

30 A random dude just comes up to your face and is like HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and then just walks away.

This has happened to me - PatrickStar3

HERRR lol relatable

31 Man with wooden leg mauled by termites
32 Dead memes come back to life

Oh noes

33 Half Life 3 gets released tomorrow without an announcement

IF that would actually happen I think my mom would freak out, he's already exited by the remake of Half Life and Fallout 4.

34 The shocking sunshine tacks a death inside the attempted tailor
35 An electron groans

Must be dizzy. - Rocko

36 The highlight calls the misprint in the baking associate
37 You get kicked by a keyboard in the gonads
38 Your gonads explode

Before or after they get kicked by the keyboard?

39 Drink mud

I do this every day.

Look, it’s a puddle of chocolate milk!
Oh, wait...

40 Eat an ant
41 Eat a grasshopper

They're great when fried and dipped in chocolate. - Cyri

42 Let Ross Lynch hold you

That’s disturbing - KingSlayer93316

43 Let Aaron Hernandez show you his big muscles and give you a noogie
44 You see Dora in her underwear on a volcano

what - IceFoxPlayz


45 It rains potatoes

So random! - mathguy37

46 Taylor Swift sues you because you hate her and you killed her cousin's brother's parents' grandfather's friend's doctor

What? - KingSlayer93316

47 Darksydephil gets eaten by a shark after forgetting to press the circle button
48 Gordon Ramsay comes to your house and says "sosoge"

I would love for that to happen, to be honest - KingSlayer93316


49 Giants come into a train station on a giant handcar with drums and start a penalty shoot-out with the kids from your primary school

This is an actual dream I had - computerfan0

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1. A pineapple attacks you while you're watering your spaghetti garden on the ceiling.
2. A turnip asks you on a date
3. Your head falls off without anyone beheading you
1. Little girls bite a black female tourist thinking that she's chocolate
2. An old man beats a goat with a shovel
3. Someone get shot in the testicles
1. Little girls bite a black female tourist thinking that she's chocolate
2. A turnip asks you on a date
3. You see a married couple stabbing each other in a park

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