Top Ten Random Things to Do for Strange Looks

I'm not sure if I'd actually do these, but if you do congratulations! You are very brave and not easily embarrassed!

Enjoy ~{°,°}~

The Top Ten Random Things to Do for Strange Looks

1 Dance on bubble wrap, with tap shoes, while clicking your tongue
2 Get a wardrobe without a back and place it in front of a door way. Jump through to Narnia.
3 Realistically fake cry on a park bench, if someone asks why tell them you've been crying for awhile and no one asked what was wrong.
4 Eat out of a large jar of mayonnaise in public, that is actually full of vanilla pudding.
5 Dress up in old-fashioned clothes, enter a random store, ask what year it is, when they answer yell, “ Great Scott! It worked! It actually worked! "
6 Tell people you have a stalker and point accusingly at your shadow

This made me laugh a lot. Something I would love to do if I had the nerve haha :D - Britgirl

7 Sneeze 6-7 times and have someone yell, “ Bless you, you slimy, contemptible, sewer rat! "
8 Buy a ringpop, when the store clerk gives it to you look surprised and cover your mouth. Then scream excitedly, “ Oh my God! Oh my. . . . .!" Turn to others in the isle and say, “ They proposed! To me!  Oh my God! "

This one should be done by someone old enough to marry, though. If you're younger though, just say,“ I think I'm a little too young for marriage. Call me when I'm older. " Then leave. - Elsa

9 Pretend to fall in a public place. If someone helps you say, “ You've saved my life! I am eternally grateful. " like an alien.
10 Find a stop sign along the street. When someone starts walking towards you and the sign run up to them. Say,“ You can't come this way. I've been watching this sign for hours and it hasn't said go yet."
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