Top 10 Most Random Things to Do In the Middle of the Night


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1 Munch All the Food

JaysTop10List, you are AWESOME! This should be your beset list ever! - TopTenJackson

Boy : This Hostess is so good! *BITE!
Boy : I do? Doesn't it look nice? *SLAPS* You slapped me! - JaysTop10List

2 Jump On Your Parent's Bed While They're Sleep

This would be dangerous. - funnyuser

3 Dance Around In the Dark Living Room

Boy : Hoopty dummy had a dump! He wants us to dance around when he takes a dump!
Boy : Ummm...
Few Hours Later
Aunt : SHUT UP! - JaysTop10List

4 Jam Music

I once left my iPod speakers on as I fell asleep. Woken at 2am by deadmau5. It was hard getting back to sleep. - PositronWildhawk

Stereo : Like a dark horse, are you ready for - DIDDI DIDDI DORA!
Girl : SHUT UP DORA! - JaysTop10List

5 Open the Front Door and Run Around the Neighborhood

Boy : Yay! IT'S RECESS!
68 minutes later
Boy : Shoo! I'm so - MOM!
Mom : I going to tickle your feet for punishment!
Boy : Mom... That's not a punishment. - JaysTop10List

6 Yell Out the Window

Then people will be like what the heck. - JaysTop10List

I do this every Saturday night.

7 Watch Scary Videos

You'll get nightmares by this don't try it. - JaysTop10List

Rather not. - Userguy44

"Oh, this baby elephant is eating the tiger live.
Now it is looking straight into me through the screen.
Oh my gosh, blood is dripping out from his mouth.
Waah! The baby elephant is really coming out of the screen!?!? "

Ummm.... Something like that... - Kiteretsunu

8 Play Slenderman

Who would do this! - Userguy44


9 Start Twerking

My Father wouldn't be in shock at all! I'd be more in shock to see HIM do it! - Britgirl

Then your parents will be in shock. - JaysTop10List

10 Spam Friends with Memes and Funny Texts.

Yes this is amazing

Lol I do this all the time! And that’s why I don’t have friends

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11 Poop

I had diarrhea at like 3 AM several times

12 "Howl" at the Full Moon
13 Create a List of Random Things to Do
14 Playing at Ding Dong Ditch

Ding dong don't ditch! 😂

15 Yell Out Something Random

Never done that but for some reason I want to

16 Egg Someone's House
17 Do Creepy Rituals
18 Sleep

Duh - Userguy44

19 Make Out
20 Tattoos

Give each other tattoos using pen or makeup pencils

21 Pet Your Animal

Good dogs deserve to be pet. All dogs are good. All dogs should be pet. Pet the dog. Pet it now.

22 Play Random Songs with the Bass All the Way Up
23 Text your crush

It's the middle of the night, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh my god I actually thought of that and like.. it'll backfire for sure

24 Watch a Video on Full Volume
25 Go On TheTopTens

That's why I'm doing right now and I'm in bed. - Userguy44

26 Watch Movies

Horror movies - Userguy44

27 Do Yoga

Do some unusual yoga poses

28 Draw 3D Pictures

Its actually really fun and time consuming.

29 Turn On Every Light In The House

I did this when I was 12 and got into so much trouble!

30 Spam Your Friends with Texts and Calls Until They Wake Up to Give You Company

Great way to find out if your friends love you enough to actually stay up and keep you company

31 Give Hickeys
32 Play Episode
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