Top Ten Random Things To Do While Horse Riding

I made this list because I was not in my right mind.

The Top Ten

1 Pierce an Iron Nail Into the Horse's Buttocks

The horse will get payback... - funnyuser

Oww! What a horse of a pain! - HezarioSeth

My horse buckarooed me "no apparent reason" - FrankP

2 Shout "I'm a American Cowboy" at the Top of Your Voice

Haha I'm Canadian... laugh out loud

Love it!


3 Try to Stand On One Leg On the Horse's Back

You can do worse. One finger, I dare you. - PositronWildhawk

This list is retarded. But this is the most reasonable one for me. - diehardbarrelbabe

Hi, I don't have a opinion

4 Inject Snake Venom Into the Horse to Produce Anti-venom
5 Tickle Your Horse
6 Show Off Your Horse Riding Skills In the Middle of a High Traffic Highway Road

Hey you, get outta here with your horse. Your causing a traffic jam! - Kiteretsunu

All of these are incredibly dangerous to you and your horse!

Yes, this is smart... laugh out loud NO! Haha

7 Slap Your Horse On the Face

There's no reason to the other things may be boredom or showing off but this is most random because there's just no reason to slap your horse in the face

Oh, my hands are in pain! - Kiteretsunu

This is stupid. Hope you get kicked in the face you idiot

Why would you do this?

8 Horse Ride Into a Pond

This sounds fun the other ones r animal abuse or weird

Hm... Maybe a horse can swim, Ksunu... Well, let's have a try, eh?
#7 had me laughing, Kieret... Randomly risible, just what I'm into! - HezarioSeth

9 Let Your Horse Fight a Donkey
10 Stick Posters On Your Horse's Body

This is funny! When it's a wanted poster! - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 Lick Your Horse's Eyeball

EW what

12 Call Your Horse Justin Bieber for a Week

I wonder if the horse will respond weirdly. - funnyuser

13 Die
14 Watch Still Standing
15 Hump the Horse's Back While Licking a T-rex Foot
16 Ride Side Saddle

Just don't do what my old instructors husband did.
My new instructors are much more civilised.

17 Jump Bareback with No Hands
18 Learn Herd Behaviour
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