Top 10 Random Things to Do While Waiting for Your Most Important Exam Results

The Top Ten Random Things to Do While Waiting for Your Most Important Exam Results

1 Yell: "Hey examiner check carefully it's an excellent mark!"
2 Drink diphenhydramine and wait quietly
3 Go to the examiner's room a play Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money loudly (if the exam's payable)
4 Play video games: you might pass the levels in case you fail the exam

Yes, I can just bring my PlayStation into class! It’s not like that’s impossible or something. - sadical

While the results come out, I should cheer myself with the 3DS to the extreme! - Kiteretsunu

5 Burn the examination room with gasoline and think you passed anyways!

That sounds like a scene from a cheesy high school movie. Hilarious, yes! - RaineSage

Maybe I should try it - TwilightKitsune

6 Drink a bottle of whiskey
7 Get the examiner's phone number and text him "your wife will be killed if I don't pass!"
8 Break the window of the examination room
9 Tell your classmates "I thought this was the Latin exam that's why I troubled my English exam and handed in a blank list"
10 When you're waiting nervously at home suddenly fall asleep on the keyboard.

The Contenders

11 Eat popcorn anxiously
12 Buy a bunch of kittens and wait impatiently

Well you can gift em to the teacher...she/he may get impressed and give you mercy marks - Toucan

13 Clean the examination room and ask for extra credit
14 Throw paper airplanes at all of your classmates
15 Pull the fire alarm and panic
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