Top Ten Random Things to Find In the Cushions On Your Couch

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1 A candy wrapper

There are tons of these in my couch... - Minecraftcrazy530

The most viewed in my couch - belarbi

I usually find those under my couch, along with money... my brother eats a lot of candy on the couch. - Lucretia

Stawp correcting me website its THERE not THEIR - xXGraciePrincessXx

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2 A ripped dollar

I hardly ever find real dollars in my house, so this would be unlikely. - Lucretia

3 A broken CD

Probably from being sat on, poor CD - Lucretia

4 A condom

This would be found in Quagmire's Couch.

Well... That could be akward - Ajkloth

5 A squeaky toy
6 Old candy bar

This always happens when my sister eats chocolates on the couch. It's really disgusting - PatrickStar

7 A toy car
8 Loose change

I found this in my closet when I was cleaning it out. I found about maybe about 50 cents. - funnyuser

This could be found in Mr. Krabs' Couch.

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9 Potato chips

I eat lots of them. So it won't be uncommon to find a few in the cushions of my couch. - Kiteretsunu

10 A cookbook

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11 A magnet
12 Danny DeVito Danny DeVito V 1 Comment
13 A drawing
14 Grandma's ashes

My grandma doesn't come over and what she smokes is not cigarettes - Lucretia

This is offensive. Whoever added this isn't a good citizen. - Animefan12

15 Another couch
16 Pencil

Found like 5 of these in my cushions - ruJILLous

17 Justin Bieber tickets

Everyone hates Justin. Myself included. - RiverClanRocks

18 A Lottery Ticket
19 A human spine

How do you not know you sitting on a spine though... - Lucretia

20 Porn
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