Top Ten Random Things to Find In the Cushions On Your Couch

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1 A candy wrapper

There are tons of these in my couch... - Minecraftcrazy530

The most viewed in my couch - belarbi

I usually find those under my couch, along with money... my brother eats a lot of candy on the couch. - Lucretia

Stawp correcting me website its THERE not THEIR - xXGraciePrincessXx

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2 A ripped dollar

I hardly ever find real dollars in my house, so this would be unlikely. - Lucretia

3 A broken CD

Probably from being sat on, poor CD - Lucretia

4 A condom

This would be found in Quagmire's Couch.

Well... That could be akward - Ajkloth

5 A squeaky toy
6 Old candy bar

This always happens when my sister eats chocolates on the couch. It's really disgusting - PatrickStar

7 A toy car
8 Loose change

I found this in my closet when I was cleaning it out. I found about maybe about 50 cents. - funnyuser

This could be found in Mr. Krabs' Couch.

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9 Potato chips

I eat lots of them. So it won't be uncommon to find a few in the cushions of my couch. - Kiteretsunu

10 A cookbook

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11 A magnet
12 Another couch

But what's behind the cushions on that couch...?

13 Danny DeVito Danny DeVito

He wouldn't even fit - simpsondude

14 A drawing
15 Grandma's ashes

My grandma doesn't come over and what she smokes is not cigarettes - Lucretia

This is offensive. Whoever added this isn't a good citizen. - Animefan12

16 Pencil

Found like 5 of these in my cushions - ruJILLous

17 Justin Bieber tickets

Everyone hates Justin. Myself included. - RiverClanRocks

18 A Lottery Ticket
19 A human spine

How do you not know you sitting on a spine though... - Lucretia

20 Porn
21 A hooker
22 Your stash of "the good stuff"
23 A live rattlesnake
24 Satan
25 Whoopee cushion
26 Gum
27 Hair
28 Your dad's underwear
29 Your mom's bra
30 TV remote
31 Crumbs

Furniture at my house is always full of crumbs, dumb brothers - Lucretia

32 iPad

That would be great but the only problem is if it works - simpsondude

33 iPhone
34 Lollipop
35 Spider
36 Your cousin's old thumb

How do you think of this? Bravo

37 A tooth

I only lost one tooth while I was sitting on the couch, and that was my brothers fault, plus my brothers are protective of their teeth... - Lucretia

38 A Hat
39 A Wig
40 A Dead Rat/Mouse

I think I would rather find a dead computer mouse. - Lucretia

41 William Shatner's Wig

That Would Be Like...So Weird

42 A Bible

A satanic bible would be more random - Lucretia

This is Kind of Offensive

43 A Door Which Leads To The World Of Regular Show

Ooh! That Would Be So Awesome!

44 A Dead Body

How do you not notice your sitting on a dead body - Lucretia

45 Sticks The Badger
46 A Salesman
47 Lazlo Lazlo
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