Top Ten Most Random Things to Happen While Waiting In a Line

The Top Ten Most Random Things to Happen While Waiting In a Line

1 Everyone drops dead, so you can cut ahead

Then you buy a lime, 'because it only cost a dime... - Cyri

2 A food fight breaks out
3 You get knocked over and fall into a sewer, where you find pizza boxes and nunchucks.
4 A clichéd action scene

A woman turns towards you from the checkout machine, shivers, and says, "It's in the bloody bagging area..." - PositronWildhawk

5 Somebody taps your shoulder and says "You suck"

I swallow - sadical

I feel like I would do that then run away screaming potatoes!

6 You see a magical pony flying through the sky

On a magical journey? - Cyri

Haha that might of been me... - MusicalPony

7 You feel cold air, and realize the Reaper is right behind you.
8 You win an award for longest wait time.
9 A rap battle happens in front of you

This or break dancing, u gotta admit, that would be pretty cool

10 Everyone starts breakdancing

The Contenders

11 Someone throws a shoe at you

Someone randomly threw their hat at me today, then I threw it across the room. - sadical

This IS weird.
Who throws just one shoe and keeps the other? - Rocko


12 Everybody does the flop
13 You become a karate master and you karate kick everyone in front of you so that you can cut in line.
14 Everyone becomes cats and sing Friday
15 Someone pushes you out of the way so they could butt in line
16 The guy in your face turns around, slaps you, and goes behind you saying “goo goo gaga I want my mama”.
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