Top Ten Random Things Kids Like

Why? Because 55% of the conversations with my siblings involves the random (and sometimes stupid. One of us played hide and seek in a dryer. It turned on, too. Luckily the seeker was in the room and turned it off immediately. Anyway. . . . ) things we did when when we were younger. So I started thinking of the random things that kids like / like to do. I wonder how many other kids do? I've done all.

Enjoy! (0,0)/

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Playing with the office wheely chair that spins in circles

And spin your sibling again, and again, and again. Until they throw up that is. Oh! Or race down the halls on them like race cars. Yep. I miss those.

I'm 14 And In My Room I Have One. I Still Do It Regularly And Often

I still do this when me and the other library staff are bored at school and nothing's happening in the school library.

I still do this when no one's watching


I am ten years old and this pretty much sums up life before the age of ten when other things showed up in my life

What about sugar in general

Who doesn't like candy? - PianoQueen

This Should Be HIgher

Pushing buttons

Watching them push buttons really seems to push mine


Pretend lava

Where you have to jump and climb over all the furniture because the ground is lava and will burn you. It was hard climbing over things with, like four other people on the same thing though... - Elsa

I'm 10 and I have a friend the same age but shes dumb but she love the lava game and it always pisses me of because she can't name any thing but she loves lava

I'm 17 and I am still childish enough to do this haha - Jonerman

That game is so fun

Fart jokes

Seriously why, they are gross

Is too funny

Playing with the cardboard boxes when you have actual toys all around you

I was heartbroken when my mom said my sister and I had to tear down out the cardboard fort. - keycha1n

From building towns to hiding inside the box, we've spent hours with them. - Elsa


Ya, I do that c: - ShadowClanRocks

Animated Movies

Everyone likes cartoons. - BeatlesFan1964

Eating crayons

Ewww who eats crayons - top10epic

Typing nonsense

I always type random stuff to people like fhgbcfgjkvbfsdbvk

The following document document and send the money I would love to have a nice day best regards John John Anderson and I will be a gold mine is a good time to get the same time as time to get the same time as I have a great time with time best regards Johnson's baby avatar

Ghmcdbhdjhfbmgqbmgsdn this is not an item. Cheeseburger!


Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

No, not Justin Bieber

This mofo shouldn't even be a artists and quit

Why does he still have a fanbase?

When I hear his songs I prettend to be sick or choke

The Contenders

Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.

Pokemon is, like the best of all things... SOOO fun!

I play pokemonGO everyday

Eating dirt

Everyone knows what it's like to be a pig

Would eat dirt make you sick?

Breaking things

I wish my parents let me do this. I would blow up tanker trucks and knock down streetlights and blow up gas stations. - Extractinator04

No way

Melting crayons

You know, on the hot plates at restaurants.


Screw porn, it is disgusting, gives me headaches, and makes me feel disgusted. I'm fine with seeing breasts, but seeing sex and genitals makes me want to throw up.

Because they want to be edgy - venomouskillingmachine

What I've seen porn or two but why

Most awesome thing hardcore internet kids like, including me. Unlike the other person, I am most disgusted with breasts. Penises are fine, vaginas are meh. - Extractinator04

Roly Polies

We used to fill frisbees with dirt or sand, put in plants and rocks, then collect roly polies and watch them. Or let them crawl up our arms or legs. And it was never scary to hold them like other bugs. - Elsa

What are rolie polies I thought they were when you rolled down a hill

They're the greyish beetles that roll up into balls when you pick them up. - Elsa

Roly Polies are cute

Yep, they were fun to play with.


( Especially going up the down one and down the up one ) These were up there with elevators. I always like the funny feeling in your stomach when an elevator started. - Elsa

Yes I want to go up the down one and down the up one

I used to be scared of these - Oliveleaf

I really used to do that

Parent sized shoes or clothing

I don't really know why I liked dressing up like a grown-up so much, but I definitely like their shoes. They were so big and fun to run around in and have them slap the floor as you run. - Elsa

I have young nieces and they always try to wear my shoes it's so cute


Becoming a band with the kitchen utensils

I'm Asian and I used to drum with chopsticks at restaurants when I was a kid!

Or just about any other random room objects! - Elsa

Good times when 2 pencils + table = concert.

I liked this when I was a kid

Rap music

Writing a crazy rap+shouting+public areas= awesome!

I like punk better than this rolled in vomit

I love rap music - venomouskillingmachine



I get so pissed when all the kids are like "HEY BRENDAN DAB! ". And I was like "what? ". I learned what it is eventually, but I still get so pissed when those wackos shout "DAB! ". - Extractinator04

What's that mean?

Guys do it all the time at my school - TheEliteComet

I'm 11 and I dab when I sneeze lol

Having dishwater splashing wars with siblings when you're supposed to be doing the dishes

It wasn't the war that was dangerous, it was being caught. - Elsa

Blowing up latex or rubber gloves

I did this all the time at my dad's job after he showed me them. I loves those gloves. - Elsa

Lol I'm actually having it in my hand...

Bendy straws

Ah, I have fond memories of building the ultimate straw. I also competed in a science Olympiad last year in 5th grade, and we made a bridge of bendy straws (I won) so I've loved them ever since.

We've spent lots of time trying to use them to breathe under water. And build ultra straws by connecting them so you can drink a drink from five feet away.
It never really worked, but was fun! - Elsa

Wisconsin Wisconsin is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

Saying it 5 times fast especially!

Well, the Dells is in it, so I can see why.

best state - Brobusky

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