Most Random Things to Say In a Conversation

The Top Ten

1 And that's penny with a capital P

THIS is the dumbest list I have ever seen

2 Look out! Here comes my rhinoceros.

P s I don't have a rhinoceros

3 Don't go on deviantart at 3am omg gone wrong
4 My socks have George Clooney on them

How nice for you.

5 I like cats.
6 I will binge-watch SpongeBob SquarePants until the end of time. Care to join me?

YES. - Pokemonfan10

7 Yes, yes, 17

If you're bored, just say yes to the first question, them yes, then 17

8 You owe me 20 diamonds you noob
9 No, my pimento factory is awesome. Don't ever say it's not

Laugh out loud I hate pimentos but they're so random

10 Quick math!!! What's 1+1?

The Contenders

11 Subscribe to pewdiepie
12 Do I smell burning mushrooms?
13 Llamas shaving contests begin in 20 minutes! I gotta go

I will probably not say this - PositronWildhawk

14 Do you ever just want to stare at an octopus at 4 in the morning?
15 Pick up a banana and say my dad just called

One time I did this in school.

16 I am my own spirit animal.
17 Mulligan stew cheetos!

This would be weird for pop tart favors

18 Like my shirt? I found it in the john

This totally catches people off guard

19 I agree people need to drive cupcake cars while eating grilled shoes.
20 I had a pet goldfish once. It was delicious.
21 No offense, but you stink.
22 Obama has put on weight, hasn't he?
23 Did you steal my pearls? Hey, Sherlock, find where this damn fool hid 'em!
24 But frankly, I liked it when you put perfume instead of rotten egg powder.
25 Poop smells bad and so does your butt

My Asian relatives are so gross they constantly talk about little kids’ poop all the time >

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