Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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181 I'm Undyne and I'm piling on the smooches V 1 Comment
182 I left my pen at home, save my spot OK? I will be back in three hours.

I said this to the person behind me in a line, and they just stared at me for a few secondds before almost spitting on my face from laughing

183 Purple pickles offend me

This is faboolis

Me too

184 Sniff my butt!
185 Help me! I'm being chased by chicken headed carrots!


186 Shut up. I'm busy feeling unpeeled grapes to my sofa.
187 Fish taco!

Very random especially in restaurants that don't serve them.

188 Stay calmer when you want to harm a llama call a llama farmer

After that serenade him with this song...
Happy llama sad llama mentally disturbed llama super llama drama llama big fat mama llama.

189 You're too Star Butterfly to be Mabel

Sounds like a 5 year old put this here

Well I love it & that 5 year old would be smart

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190 Oh snap! There is ketchup levitating over your head!
191 I sit on dead flies

I really do so this is offensive

192 You know, my refrigerator is wearing panties right now.

Okay, aren't all the panties too big for a fridge to wear. - anonygirl

193 Messy birds in garlic soda berries
194 On April 27, people of my religion asking "Are you the Lemon?" When someone says that they're the Lemon, they're chained up and forced to say "Monkeys tell no lies" 482 times to Journey's Greatest Hits.

Only on April 27th for you? Lucky. This happens every Wednesday and Friday for me.

I meant to say "People of my religion ASK 'Are you the Lemon? ' ". I submitted it off my iPod, so I couldn't tell if there were any mistakes or not.

That's a very specific number

195 I'm too drunk to taste this chicken.

Gotta include that it's quoted from"the late great colonel Sanders"

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196 You've got brownies
197 I swear I didn't remove the padding in your brassiere!

Okay, I am going to dare someone to say this to some random girl next year.

198 There's a purple mushroom in my backyard singing tacos.

Cool pinto beans! I have a rainbow mushroom, SO THERE!

199 Communism V 1 Comment
200 I sell kids on eBay... want one? They're on sale

I said this to my friend and she was going crazy and said "WHAT REALLY"

I imagine my 14 year old brother saying this, for no reason at all. - funnyuser

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