Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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221 Is there hot sauce in space? V 2 Comments
222 Look, a penis enlargement ad V 1 Comment
223 Potato V 1 Comment
224 I am Herbert Hoover president of pink bananas
225 Just kitten! *Meow*
226 Pop Goes the Weasel
227 I Hate Wearing Extra Large Pants. It Makes Me Look Like I Have a Boner When I Sit Down
228 There's 6 apples and 29 pencils, how many pancakes did she eat?

None , the pencils were mean to her and gave her rabies . - funnyuser

V 1 Comment
229 Today, we learn how to count in Spanish! Okay; Juan, Juan Pablo, Juan Jr, Juanita! And ...Bob.

...I died! I will say this to my friend.

Juan is 1, Juan Pablo is 2, and so on... :P
Also say, "Somebody call NINE JUAN JAUN! "

230 I had an eyelash named Simon... I killed him. V 3 Comments
231 Ejaculative forces.
232 Could you hold my cocaine while I tie my shoes?
233 There, the turtles are dead V 2 Comments
234 I will fart on all the baby's of earth. V 1 Comment
235 Look out there's a flying pancake!!!

This is a great distraction, I used it when playing soccer. The guy actually said," Where? " By then I made a goal. The guy was 15.

V 1 Comment
236 Yo mama!
237 Spontaneous combustion runs in my family, please be careful. V 1 Comment
238 It is 2017, but I still use a Windows 95.
239 I am not taller than you!

A few years ago, I said this to a lady who thought for longest time that I was taller than she was. She ended up comparing height to me, and she was actually taller than I was (she was not wearing heels). She then said that I looked taller than I really was. - anonygirl

240 Shush... he's watching us! V 1 Comment
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1. Allahu Akbar
2. Cock
3. Excuse me everyone, I have AIDS virus.
1. A giant baby head squished Obama
2. You are like the roses in my vase. You should know that my roses are fake, smell bad, and have thorns which tries to harm you in every way possible. And guess what I hate my roses. Did I tell you that you are like the roses in my vase?
3. Shhh, the pencils are resting

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