Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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261 I'm faking gay

People might be offended. - HaydenFullwright

262 In my world, everyone is a pony! And they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies
263 Quiet. Eggs and pickles. Quiet.
264 Easy peasy pumpkin sqeazy pumpkin pie

Gerard Way.

265 I'm a Brony!

Oh God. Bronies are awful. - LordDovahkiin

Bourn yuorlsef

And what is wrong with being a brony? My older bro is one, and I just so happen to be a very, erm, crazy pegasister. So don't go hating Mlp Fim lovers! We find it offensive!

266 Ya know, goats are like mushrooms... if you shoot a duck, I'm scared of toasters V 1 Comment
267 Liking pie is one thing, but marrying one is the same
268 Once Slenderman rode a magical unicorn to find the man-eating grape juice and eat cheese.

What the heck? My friend is going to crack up when he hears this.

269 Who wants to suck my mustard?!
270 I have purple cow named Jeff and he can fly V 1 Comment
271 I would offer you a big mac, but I've no burgers nor beef.
272 Cannibal babies... V 1 Comment
273 I want to brush your hair with my feet.
274 That Potato is So Majestic

You should see the documentaries of the majestic Potato. They're really great.

Lol I like majestic potatoes a lot

V 2 Comments
275 Shush, the spirits are speaking to me.

Ok, Ah Ha, oh yeah. * a person walks up to you, " are you...* shut up I'm speaking to the spirits about you ha! You mess with the spirits you mess with me!

276 I smell like beef
277 Ladies and gentlemen, I have a massive mancrush on Nemo from Finding Nemo. He's hot!

I told my mom this and she said YOUR WEIRD

278 I want an eraser sandwich with garlic and a wig on top, and a glass of wine filled with chocolate sauce to go with it.

I'm olaf and I eat gay fire trucks when they hump flamingo nose hairs

279 I am the master of the science of Pluto, therefore I know the lyrics to all songs of the soda genre. So, ask me a question about Borderlands 2.
280 Have you seen my dog? He's naked!
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3. Excuse me everyone, I have AIDS virus.
1. A giant baby head squished Obama
2. You are like the roses in my vase. You should know that my roses are fake, smell bad, and have thorns which tries to harm you in every way possible. And guess what I hate my roses. Did I tell you that you are like the roses in my vase?
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