Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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Yes in generql

282 Marco - Polo V 1 Comment
283 Oh no, the kitchen is on fire again!!!!!!!

This has happened to my aunt before

284 OMG a camel!

I said this when we where at lunch

285 Eureka!
286 I love Spooderman!
287 What do you know my butt buddy is online
288 Dude... I think I ate my turtle

So having some digestion issues? - Ananya

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289 Dude sniff my armpit hairs

It's an emergency! They smell good! - funnyuser

290 It wasn't me. The cactus did it.

I'm gonna say that every time I fart...

291 The llama says obey

And... happy llama sad llama mentally disturbed llama super llama drama llama big fat mama llama

I got another random phrase: my llama tap dances on the ceiling to get balloons to talk to it

This makes me think often Morgan Freeman

Honestly I am bad at thinking of random phrases

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292 Eat a Chair
293 Have you seen yourself?
294 Stop touching me with your mineral
295 Guys! I'm not dying! Which means I'm alive!
296 Ni ni ni ni ni ni bat-man bat-man ni ni ni ni ni
297 Have you heard of, 'superhyglocys'? It's a rare disease when you keep on aging backwards. When you reach the age of 1, you turn to a chicken and villagers eat you!
298 I'm a Freemanist. I prey to Morgan Freeman every day. Yesterday he told me to eat myself so that I could go to heaven with him... He's a god.
299 No! Not the fish of Death!

You should have never swam in my waters Sincerely, the fish

300 You should use glue stick instead of Chapstick.

Lmaoo ha ha ha I'm gonna say that to a girl at my table who talks a lot

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