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21 Compass is a microphone who can really eat things aether
22 Pole Dancing Ducks

Okay, first, search Beastie Boys To All The Girls. Then sing this song in the crowd. But this. Is also funny and random. I SAW THIS ONCE.

Lol. Hip hop pigeons

23 A balloon just flew out my ass

Haha I literally laugh out loud and my husband ask why I told him what it says and he thought I was dumb laugh out loud. Very funny for me!

Excuse me teacher... my but plug fell out can I go use the restroom and up the size

Laugh out loud you have made my day..

A guy called Eric Cartman fell out of my ass - AlphaQ

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24 Cock

In your bum bum


I love cock


25 Yay! We're all gonna die! I'm so happy!

If someone said that he would be right. We would all die because we laughed so hard. YAY! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! I'M SO HAPPY! - Abc123vote

After a long interval you can become the people.. So why let it go... Enjoy the life... But it don't meant that waste it... Enjoy with your aim...

Awesomeness! I don't know why I like this one so much... but I do... but don't die... then you won't be able to come up with another awesome Random Thing To Say...

My friend says this ALL the time!
Even funnier, start dancing afterwards.

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26 I think I have forgotten how to breathe

Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe... - Elina

Say in a raspy voice

I can't breathe!

Mmmm, I know how it feels

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27 Physics! V 2 Comments
28 Full on zeppelin hands
29 "I'm breaking up with you, it's just too hard"

I thought people usually like that...:P - Ananya

Lmao. That's what she said.

Ok! *breaks the Up CD* - AlphaQ

30 "What is the difference between an orange? A bicycle, because pants have no sleeves."

The answer can't be butter if sausages ate donald duck..In fact, burgers ate the letter red because of this.

I told my friend this... He just walked away...

Eggs are crusty..


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31 I like porkchops!

I like trains

Why isn't this number one? X,D - VoidSense

I like pigs

32 I like cheese. V 3 Comments
33 My cat's name is mittens!
34 Walls aren't the men who eat cake

This is so random. I love it, I'm a pretty random person.

Yummy... walls are so tasty though

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35 My penis is on fire.

Wait, are you taking it that way, or the other way?

I beat mine with a brick to put the fire out, don't worry both are pretty hard...

My balls are toasted thanks to a banana name Rekcufrehtom. - AlphaQ

AAA! Find some water and put it out! - anonygirl

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36 This is a great jumping song

Cock is my favorite flavor of popcicle


JUMP AROUND!... JUMP AROUND! - FernandoLemon

37 I left my penis in Texas.

It would have been funny if someone actually said that in Texas. - anonygirl

And it was served as my neighbor's dinner. He fainted. The end. - AlphaQ

Its in my bum bum

That's why... :P - Ananya

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38 I like trains

Would certainly involve a lot of people getting run over... - ThatStrangeKid42

Since the day he was born he never said a word not even to his parents not a single word was heard but on the first day of school the teacher asked his name all he did was smile as he said I LICK TRAINS wait that's not right I LIKE TRAINS better

I love saying this! I always shout it out in my English lesson! - alessindapalace

I like turtles. - AlphaQ

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39 Wait I forgot my bathing suit!

I think birthday suit would've made me laugh harder...

Are you going swimming or something? - anonygirl

40 Mamma Mia, that's a spicy meatball!

That's what she said.

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