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41 I like trains

Would certainly involve a lot of people getting run over... - ThatStrangeKid42

Since the day he was born he never said a word not even to his parents not a single word was heard but on the first day of school the teacher asked his name all he did was smile as he said I LICK TRAINS wait that's not right I LIKE TRAINS better

I love saying this! I always shout it out in my English lesson! - alessindapalace

It's I LIEK TRAINS. Perfection lrl

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42 I left my penis in Texas.

It would have been funny if someone actually said that in Texas. - anonygirl

And it was served as my neighbor's dinner. He fainted. The end. - AlphaQ

Its in my bum bum

That's why... :P - Ananya

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43 And I like Windows 98!

It's nice that you respect the past, especially with computer systems. - anonygirl

44 Wait I forgot my bathing suit!

I think birthday suit would've made me laugh harder...

Are you going swimming or something? - anonygirl

45 Mamma Mia, that's a spicy meatball!

That's what she said.

46 Did you even look at the napkin?
47 Hi Billy Mays Here

And today I'm going to show you how to have oral sex with a dog - skooter1

Why isn't this at the top though - VoidSense

Oh hi may whats next june

Hi, I'm Ryan Higa. - AlphaQ

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48 My name is Doof and you'll do what I'll say whoop whoop

In my school someone actually said this in the lunchtime concert.

My name is zod I am here to kill

It should be on the top man!


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49 Gotta go fast!

My llama says gotta reach a higher velocity

It made my friends laugh

That's what she said.

50 Google my pie!

I did just this and the first thing that came up was My Pie Pizzeria Romana... Interesting

I did, and I found out it was a pizza restaurant. - anonygirl

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51 Yee

Yee I be your mother

Yes my child

52 Could you hold my cocaine while I tie my shoes?
53 Buenos nachos, seƱorita.

Ha...that's funny...nachos...haha *awkwardly laughs*

54 Can you MMMMMEEEOOOWWW like that very strange looking lampost? Lampost, show 'em! *MEOW*

This is very weird. I LOVE THIS! - funnyuser

Exact example of my life

I almost fainted.

That's a car derp._.

55 Britgirl and Positronwildhawk are in love.

They probably do not know who those people are. - anonygirl

I'm IN LOVE WIT the COCO. - AlphaQ

56 That's great. Can I have some jam?

This works for EVERYTHING!

Sorry, but I do not have any. - anonygirl

Banta for days


57 Dolphin Fell On Tree Therefore I Am Related to Cake.

This is very random. - funnyuser

I like this one a lot it is totally pineapple pancakes with Lincoln with Abraham

When I eat strawberry flavored cheese cake I fart

I'm gonna start saying this

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58 No, I'm not a cheese well
59 Everyone freeze! The T-Rex's can't see us if we don't move!

lol I can just see the faces of "wtf? " - usmc650736

I said that once in an elevator... you wouldn't believe how many people looked around.. hee hee! X3

I tried this once. You wouldn't believe how many people looked around.

I am so going to try that! :) so funny

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60 Pickles!

Sounds like something SpongeBob would say. - anonygirl

Why isn't this at the top

Pickle Rick!

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