Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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161 If you poop it will most likely fly back up your butt and take over your mind!


ABSOLUTE BEST ONE, I use it a lot and works perfectly!

I can relate to this so much

Haha laugh out loud yes that is funny. :P what would you do if poop took over your mind?

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162 If Ben is driving on a speed boat in the desert at 10,000 miles per hour and a dog pukes up a cat and the cat pukes up a dog and the dog pukes up pancakes. How many pancakes does it take to build a house? 2 because blue+mustard=pancake it's basic math

Now I shall repeat this to my math teacher

If Anna was driving her car through the ocean at 99999 miles per hour, and a bunny gets run over and it poops rainbows, what is the mass of the sun? Purple, because dogs don't have ears.

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163 You know, I always liked being folded and put in an envelope. V 1 Comment
164 Oh my god a guy just ate a sandwich
165 Thumbs up if you're watching this in (insert current year) V 1 Comment
166 I'm Batman

And I'm the joker!

And your not potato. I'm a potato. I'm the most obsessed one in the world. Your an onion that made me cry.

And I am ( long pause) Bob ( woman screams and starts running) - TheMazeRuner

And I'm Robin. - anonygirl

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167 Have a sandwich it'll be alright V 2 Comments
168 I crapped myself on a sandwich, cha ching cha chung. V 2 Comments
169 I'm Undyne and I'm piling on the smooches V 1 Comment
170 I left my pen at home, save my spot OK? I will be back in three hours.

I said this to the person behind me in a line, and they just stared at me for a few secondds before almost spitting on my face from laughing

171 Sexual

Sexually inappropriate/hilarious at the same time

172 Purple pickles offend me

This is faboolis

Me too

173 Sniff my butt!
174 Help me! I'm being chased by chicken headed carrots!


175 I like boobies.

how is that random? hehehehe - SmoothCriminal

176 One time when I was sitting outside my neighbor waved to me so I waved back and my brother walked outside naked while eating a moist tomatoe... it was really moist.

I said this to my boyfriend and laughed his ass off

177 Stay calmer when you want to harm a llama call a llama farmer

After that serenade him with this song...
Happy llama sad llama mentally disturbed llama super llama drama llama big fat mama llama.

178 Corn Dog Corn Dog Corn Diggedy Dog

Even better say it in a Mickey mouse voice

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179 You're too Star Butterfly to be Mabel

Sounds like a 5 year old put this here

Well I love it & that 5 year old would be smart

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180 Oh snap! There is ketchup levitating over your head!
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