Top 10 Most Random Things to Say During a Presidential Election Speech

The Top Ten
May I go to the bathroom?
How do you spell FBI

That's harder to spell than CIA! - Brobusky

What is Obama's last name
Look a distraction
Sparkly pillow
I am drunk
Who am I
Tummy want more
Please feed me a log because I like magical waffles in the laundry
The Contenders
My dad has not started his period yet
I'm the most heavy metal cat in the world right now
Someone get me a cheeseburger!

Because, as we all know, Presidents love to eat. - Gg2000

Can I borrow five bucks?

*Pays bodyguard for bet he placed the night before.* - Gg2000

Look! Up in the air! It's a dead bird!

What's wrong with this picture? Think about it... - Gg2000

Donald Trump
PUBG is better than fortnite
Allahu Ackbar!
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