Top Ten Random Things to Say to SpongeBob Characters

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1 To Patrick: Put the pudding out to thaw before you eat it or you'll crack a tooth
2 To Plankton: Dude, what the hell is Elrond from Lord of the Rings doing on this Nazi wall
3 To Mr. Krabs: And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon, when you're coming home dad I don't know when but we'll have a good time then dad, you know we'll have a good time then

This is so Mr Krabs worthy! - lolingdog9000

4 To Squidward: We must have been drinking last night cause I don't remember a thing
5 To Spongebob: Are you in love with Sandy cause there are rumors going around

I wonder how he would respond and react to this. - cosmo

6 To Sandy: Stop listening to Luke Bryan and Up the Irons!
7 To Larry: Have you ever heard of Duke Nukem?
8 To Gary: How do you feel about salt?

I think he might just prefer Pepper. - Puga

9 To Pearl: Oh my God, will you shut your freaking mouth? No one cares!
10 To Patrick: Have you ever thought of pulling off one of your arms and using it as a back scratcher? And the best part is that it might grow into another you that will eventually scratch everyone's backs. No more doing it all myself

The Contenders

11 To King Neptune: Last time I checked, you were green and had no muscles
12 To Karen: Careful don't break a nail. Oh that's right sorry my bad
13 To Squidward: That's quite a big head ya got there. And it has a nice living room to
14 To Patrick: How come your surprised picture is more popular than SpongeBob's?

Hmm... Good point

15 To SpongeBob: You're just perfect for my toilet
16 To Sandy: I'm just curious if you're dating Conker the Squirrel
17 To Squidward: Have you ever heard of Jack Benny?
18 To Lord Royal Highness: I was wondering if you caught the last Ziggy Stardust concert in Atlantis
19 To SpongeBob: I'm just saying. Some people are gonna mistake you for a girl because of your long eyelashes
20 To SpongeBob: How can anyone take your jellyfishing skills seriously when you wear hipster glasses on your trip to Jellyfish Fields?
21 To The Flying Dutchman: Are you really Dutch?
22 To Pearl: How can you be a whale if your father's a crab?
23 To Mr. Krabs: Are you friends with Captain Byron Hadley?
24 To Mr. Krabs: Imagine if money could grow on trees. That way you would be outside more often. And I mean MORE often
25 To SpongeBob: If I'm pulling your leg, then how come it's already off?
26 To Mr. Krabs: How would you react if I said that money is the root of all evil?
27 To Patrick: That's the same surprised expression you had when you saw The NeverEnding Story III
28 To Patrick: No Patrick, Auto-Tune is not an instrument

Is mayonnaise an instrument? - lolingdog9000

29 To SpongeBob: Ya ever played SpongeBob SlendyPants?
30 To Sandy: Sandy Cheeks? Mmm! Those are some nice cheeks you got there under that tail of yours (Gets slapped) Ow! What did I say?
31 To SpongeBob: I wanted to visit Bikini Bottom, but my mom wouldn't let me because she mistook the name for "something else."
32 To Sandy: You look like you could be in NASA
33 To Plankton: Why do they call you by your own species? It's like calling your wife Karen "Computer" or something

His real name is sheldon - lolingdog9000

34 To Plankton: You better not take control of my brain. I have a huge history test tomorrow in class and I need to remember some things
35 To Plankton: Why would you be in love with Krabs's Mom? She's like a hundred years old!
36 To Angry Jack: Is it weird that you remind me of Jack Nicholson in The Shinning?
37 To Patchy the Pirate: You seriously need to see a doctor. SpongeBob ain't real ya know
38 To Potty the Parrot: It's embarrassing to see a puppet being more smarter than a human (Patchy)
39 To Painty the Pirate: Are you and Patchy related?
40 To Patrick: No Patrick, Jumbo was not a giraffe
41 To Squidward: You can still play music better than Lil Wayne
42 To SpongeBob: How can you keep your employee hat on if it has a brick of lead in it?
43 To Squidward: The reason Mr. Krabs goes to strip clubs is not because of the women...
44 To SpongeBob: I'm surprised to see you still standing up after so much accidents

This one was not supposed to be for SpongeBob. It was supposed to be for Fred.

45 To Fred: I'm surprised to see you still standing up after so many accidents
46 To Plankton: How can you take over the world? You're too small!
47 To Fred: Are you gonna beat up Nat for stealing your catchphrase?
48 To Squidward: Are you related to Paul the Octopus?
49 To Patrick: Your songwriting is nowhere near as bad as the crap that's on the radio today
50 To Sandy: Ya ever heard of the bassist Flea?
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