Top 10 Random Things to Shout When Wearing a Terrorist Costume

This is not meant to offend Muslims only ISIS,Al-Qaeda and terrorist group

The Top Ten Random Things to Shout When Wearing a Terrorist Costume

1 I Am Bomberman!

He played too much Bomberman - CerealGuy

2 Allahu Akbar!

Speaking of "Allahu Akbar", in the Winter of late August 2019 there was a Islamic but White man in my country, Australia, was running around with the knife and was eventually taken down by brave bystanders (along with a chair & a milk crate) because he had already stabbed two women (one sadly died & the other survived but was badly injured). This is why Muslims are terrorist and they act like one too.

Nah but this is wrong. Talk about adding fuel to the fire. Plus its not random..what...

3 Respect Ma Authoritah!
4 I Avenge You Lenny!
5 Deez Nuts!
6 I'm A Squirrel

This is not meant to be offensive - CerealGuy

7 Haha Keep Laughing, I Will Bomb You to Ashes!
8 For the Caliphate!
9 This List Is Why I Bomb
10 God/Allah Save Me!

The Contenders

11 Don't worry, it's only a Bomberman cosplay!
12 I Want Sex
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