Random Things We Should Never Do

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1 Give my lists bad reviews

Anonymous, it's clear that your stupidity exceeds that of even a baby who uses his/her first and second teeth to permanently plug his/her only two sources of milk. - PositronWildhawk

My lips swell when I cry and I make an awful snotty sniffing noise. Please don't make me cry haha - Britgirl

This list blows XP

I will...
Your list is stupid
And I have!

2 Gargle with razor blades

Stupid and daring too! But first thing, how long will he be able to gargle if he really goes with it? - Kiteretsunu

Truth is, Britgirl, it's more likely to happen to you if you're a man. And a stupid one at that. - PositronWildhawk

Just a stupid thing to do. Unless you're stupid of course! - Britgirl

3 Hold up a police station

For someone to do this doesn't make sense haha! - Curti2594

Hey guys, this will be fun! - HezarioSeth

4 Wear a Justin Bieber T-shirt to the Download Festival

Haha! Excellent list, Britgirl! I love you! - keyson

My brother saw this one year. He said the outcome wasn't pretty - Britgirl

5 Try to sneeze with your eyes open

You might not have any eyes after that - Ajkloth

FACT: if you do your eyes will pop out. FUN IMMA GONNA TRY IT!

Go on then, fool, try it! You would too, wouldn't you? Haha! - Britgirl

I did it beforehand.

6 Goosestep across Europe
7 Try and work out the mind of your parents
8 Walk into anywhere backwards
9 Film a musical in Chernobyl

"There was something up with the core, and the machinery had had the last straw. And we haven't been here for 20-odd years, because of damn reactor 4! " - PositronWildhawk

10 Fart in a room full of gas

I was eating my breakfast and now its all over my brother.

It would really stink then , it depends on what kind of gas , though ! - funnyuser

Haha! Thank you to who added this gem along with the rest of them. They're so funny! =D - Britgirl

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11 Drive your car down a narrow street with a jet engine on the back
12 Draw glasses and a moustache on The Queen of Englands face

NEVER do this. Not in the company of Britgirl anyway. - Britgirl

13 Juggle Chainsaws
14 Leave home without your sense of humour
15 Attempt to swallow a mosquito nest whole

I didn't know mosquitoes had nests.. Where can you find them?!

16 Marry a man who has a funny/weird surname
17 Try to bite a swan's head off
18 Breakdance in a museum of priceless artifacts
19 Stand on your hands and say YOLO to a cow


20 Dive into a erupting volcano with a thermometer to check its temperature

Haha! Don't EVER do that hot! That is totally random!

21 Do a Cordova with your motorbike at a funeral
22 Slap your lover before a kiss
23 Swallow a whole ant and then try to save it by undergoing surgery

Ant I'll save you poor ant ! I can't believe I'm doing this , but you need to ,live and go back to your family ! - funnyuser

24 Try to cut your hair with chainsaw

I dare somebody to do something that stupid­čśť

25 Lie Completely Still In the Middle of a Road Pretending As Dead

I actually saw someone do this, they had a waterbottle in their hand. It was really random... Lol. They got up after a while though

26 Lick a Polar Bear
27 Bite a rattlesnake
28 Take a leak on a radiator.
29 Try and take toast out of the toaster with a fork when the toaster's plugged in
30 Slap someone with a fish
31 Try to fly
32 Offend 1D fans in any way

Accidentally pronounced Niall as "Neil" instead of "Nile"
And... yeah

33 Tickle a Bengal Tiger
34 Say YOLO at a Funeral
35 Starve in a supermarket
36 Watch Big Brother
37 Compare Sanjay and Craig with happiness
38 Flip off a cop
39 Flipping the bird and screaming the word that follows it
40 Flipping off people in cars
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