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1 This is how I screw the sky!

My friend, That's practically - impossible. - Ananya

Really? This is random. LOL - EpicJake

I'm doing this in public.

Listen up everyone. Howdy folks! I'm Brigitte and enjoy living in Nebraska. I farm potatoes and pumpkin. Its not true that we are rednecks. Its called a stereo Dolby of Nebraskans. Peace to the world. "when you believe! " Whitney Houston...

2 Finland!!!

From that one SpongeBob SquarePants episode. - Catacorn

No one checks up on Finland!

The birthplace of angry birds, so RANDOMMM - malamJONES

It was from Frankendoodle

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3 Yo Vinny hit this ramp!

I get the family guy reference... - DogeFan132

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4 I hate math!

Hey I shout this all the time and nobody looks at me funny... Except for maybe teachers, parents, other kids... - AnnaOfArendelle332

The only people I know won't say that would be teachers, parents and maybe some Asians (no offense)

I love math. It is ironic that I'm voting for this. Yay! Irony!

Same fam

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5 I have really bad diarrhea!

Wow. We have so much in common. - PositronWildhawk

I said this once in 5th grade louder than I meant to... I still regret it. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I don't think I would share this one...

I have a bad case of diarrhea!

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6 This gun is terrible!

This would be a good prank, unless a police officer is there. - gemcloben

This will cause panic to everyone... plus it's a good prank!

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7 Liar liar, plants for hire!

It's pants on fire. Haha best of SpongeBob. - OhioStateBuckeyes

Yep. This is Patrick at his best. My favorite quote from him. - Turkeyasylum

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8 I love you Charlie!

So you like a Mexican demon that's summoned by two pencils on a paper? That's kinda weird. - ethanmeinster

If someone named charlie was actually around, it may be awkward

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9 I'm Going to Steal Stuff

It's weird and funny and akward cause its not something you hear all the time

10 I am sexy and you guys know it

My friend's 6 year old brother used to say that! Which is weird if you think about it... ~Mistyrain

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11 I am the cheese! I am the best character on this show! I am better than both the salami and the baloney combined! V 1 Comment
12 Rap is pimpin'! V 1 Comment
13 Larry!!

Best Joe quote. Impractical Jokers.

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14 Kansas should not be able to have a green planet.
15 If you got bugs, if you got ants, if you got bugs and flies and slugs and things that crawl!

Makes more sense than most rap songs - gemcloben

16 Oh Bob Saget!
17 Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
18 I am Zim! V 1 Comment
19 SquidBob smells like pickles! V 1 Comment
20 Uhh... Uhh
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1. This is how I screw the sky!
2. Finland!!!
3. This gun is terrible!

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