Top Ten Random Titles for User Ranking Lists That Probably Won't Be Created On TheTopTens

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1 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Twerked at The Top Of The Eiffel Tower

Does a replica of the Eiffel tower count? - nintendofan126

This is the kind of random garbage that I love about these sorts of lists, completely weird scenarios that I never would have even thought of. - kempokid

I tried making it once, but it got returned.

Lol that would be awesome - jmepa1234

2 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Shoot Insects With AK-47s

Does killing giant insects in a video game count? - NuMetalManiak

Killing insects with an AK47 is a bit extreme, don't you think? - Wolftail

I laughed when I read this. Because it sounds like the sort of thing I'd do! - IronSabbathPriest

That's a weekend hobby of mine. - KingFab

3 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Eat Raw Kitten Flesh

That would be a zombie dog. - aarond90

I don't think there's many Koreans on this site. - Puga

Even dogs are logged in? - Toucan

I'm a chihuahua. I hump 'EM. - AlphaQ

4 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Wear Boxers Underwear

Manny people wear them - Toucan

I wear them. - AlphaQ

I wear them - Nateawesomeness

5 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Don't Wear Underwear

I sometimes forget to wear underwear. So I would definitely be on the list

Finally! A list I can win! - Puga

Sorry, you kinda don't count. You're a dog. You aren't supposed to wear clothes. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I definitely can't be on this list. - Kiteretsunu

I'm at the top of that one :D - Cazaam

6 Top Ten Members Who Haven't Had Their First Kiss

I'd probably be on this list. - Turkeyasylum

Ah, so long ago. I was 10 I think. Or was I nine. Eh, does the age matter? Who knows? - Therandom

I've never kissed any girl, but I've had a girl kiss me on the cheek in high school. Do I still count? - NuMetalManiak

I'm forever alone, so I'd dominate this list! - Ninja_Potato123

7 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Been Jailed At Least Once

If my dad is a police, and I get grounded for a week, am I technically in house arrest? - styLIShT

I would be on this list - bobbythebrony

Indeed it does. What happened to him anyways? - PetSounds

This would be interesting to see. Makes me think of HezarioSeth. - PositronWildhawk

8 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Never Lied

How can we trust that list though? Seems like it would be contradictory - Randomator

Well, I have never lied :P (this is a lie). - Kiteretsunu

Everybody lies. - Fandom_Lover

I would never in a million years make this list. - KingFab

9 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Refuse To Acknowledge The Existence Of Lamp Posts

Lamp posts? What lamp posts? I don't even know what they-*gets hit in the face with a lamp post* - RiverClanRocks

Those darn lamp posts are a conspiracy I tell ya - Brobusky

What ARE lamp p- * gets hit in the face with a lamp post * OW GOD DAMN IT! WHO DID THAT?!?! - IceFoxPlayz

I don't know what to say here...

10 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Denied Committing Suicide

I can actually admit to making suicidal attempts in the past (long before I made this account). - NuMetalManiak

No suicide here but I nearly died laughing at the concept - if truthful, a very short list - Billyv

I think that would be me. Life is too fun for you to kill yourself!

That would be me. - kontrahinsunu

The Contenders

11 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Worked For North Korean Hackers

North Korean hackers are nice. Want to be one. - yatharthb

No! How did they know?! - SirSkeletorThe3rd


12 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Five or More Ex-girlfriends

I will probably be number 1. - FasterThanSonic

My question is... Will this list reach ten items? - keyson

I would definitely be on this lists - bobbythebrony

Taylor swift will be here. - Princesssmooth

13 Top 10 Users of TheTopTens That Were Born In 2017

This list will probably be made in 2030 - yatharthb

I was born three years from now. I'm 12, makes sense to me.

That's me! I'm 1 year old!

Not me

14 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Are Totally All Over This S***

Sounds like something from a smosh episode. - nintendofan126

15 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Most Swag

I'm sick of this "word".

Me! In my school I'm the king of swag. - AlphaQ

That would be me! :D - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I love adding random titles here. :P - Wolftail

16 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Believe In Father Christmas

Unless there are at least ten users, that are 5 years old, then this list might be made. - nintendofan126

I do. by the way, Father Christmas is the British way of saying Santa Claus, right? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I do...even though I'm a tween

I do... this list would actually be easy

17 Top Ten Users Who Married a Tornado

I might be on this list, depending on how you view a whirlwind romance. - Britgirl

Tornado, do you take Lovefrombadlands to be your lawfully wedded wife?
I was gonna say me, but never mind.

18 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Work As Babysitters

If only Vicky was a user - bobbythebrony

Well my 17 year old sister is a babysitter. - aarond90

I am a babysitter

19 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Dislike Iron

I DETEST being burnt on my ass by an iron! - AlphaQ

I don't like irons. If you touch them your fingers burn. - TwilightKitsune

Am I the only one who doesn't like iron? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I thought it said Iron Maiden. Whew!

20 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens That We Ship

Who will make this? Laugh out loud! I hope I'm not on that list... Or anyone else, for that matter! - Wolftail

Basically the 'Top 10 couples at TheTopTens' list - styLIShT

Oh God, Okay... I'll tell this to MiraJane and she'll make an account and starts shipping!
(In other words: This list will probably not be made..) - Fandom_Lover

Is there anyone who doesn't ship it? - Puga

21 Top 10 Users Who've Been To Mars
22 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Never Met Anyone Called George

I'd be a part of this list and the list of those who never had their first kiss - MLPFan

You would come up with a lot of people. - funnyuser

Does Curious George count? - Puga

I would be on that list - MeaganSaysHI

23 Top ten users of TheTopTens who love Justin Bieber

Bet this list items can never reach 10!...Even if they love her (this is not a mistake) they wouldn't say that. - Fan_of_Good_Music

I think you'll have a tough time making this list - Toucan

This list is made - PatrickStar

Anyone?...*cricket chirps* - AlphaQ

24 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Killed Obama With a Watermelon

No, Barrack Obama is Kenny McCormick in disguise! - Turkeyasylum

Oh my god! They killed Kenny!


Sorry if dat sounded rude it was a South Park reference - IceFoxPlayz

He keeps coming back to life enough times for there to be a list. - PositronWildhawk

Dang it, I used a pineapple... - Garythesnail

Obama, feel the wrath of the watermelon! - RiverClanRocks

25 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Went To Hogwarts

I've been to the Universal Studios replica in Orlando, does that count? - Wolftail

Lol, I went to the Harry Potter Studio tour, does that count? - Stormver101

I've been to harrypotter summer camp where it is "hog warts" does that count? - AnonymousChick

I've been there! (that be a lie) - aarond90

26 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens That Are Dead

Actually deceased or metaphoric expression of depression? - styLIShT

That was almost me a few days ago. Damn I hate tornadoes - bobbythebrony

How will we ever know of that?

The more appropriate term would be deceased. - htoutlaws2012

27 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Sleep Underneath Pickup Trucks When Drunk
28 Top Ten Users That Cook Burgers On Their A**

Kim Kardashian can do that. - AlphaQ

Even people with fever can't do that.

29 Top Ten User Who Have Slept on A Pink Unicorn While Choking on A Banana and Wearing Golden Make Up

Can't say I have... - Rocko

Is Kim Jong Il a user on here? - styLIShT

30 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Five or More Ex-boyfriends

This is one list I wouldn't get a mention on. - Britgirl

The only one I can think of is lovemusic. - PositronWildhawk

Re lovemusic. Dirt will always attract the flies, Positron Wildhawk.

31 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Whose Favourite Song Is Not Written By Ashley Wallbridge

Who is ashley wallbridge

My favorite song is written by Ashley Frangipane. Halsey writes her own songs.

Number One! - kontrahinsunu

32 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Eat Worms

I would eat worm for breakfast and cereal - CerealGuy

33 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Bathes In Beer

Mmm... has anybody been drunk and wanted to take a bath in beer? - funnyuser

34 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Are Communists

The only list where I can get a place - yatharthb

Well I am no commie
Well a supporter of Dubcek and Tito only them to be trusted - CerealGuy

35 Top Ten Users That Have Gotten Pregnant from a Cup
36 Top Ten Users Who Are All Related

I'm pretty sure I'm a lonely boy on this site. - IronSabbathPriest

This would need a big family - AnonymousChick

We're all related thank Lord - 2storm

That would be OneWayStreet, SmileyFace, Dorathespongeandcosmo and DuckDuckGoose!

37 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Eat Bananas While Miley Cyrus Eats Their Purple Shampoo

Me. - AlphaQ

38 Top Ten Users Who Are From Other Galaxies

Star Wars got accounts?

39 Top Ten Users Who Have Vietnam War Flashbacks

This is just excellent lmao - styLIShT

Wow, just wow. - DynastiSugarPop

Aka flippy from Happy Tree Friends. He has multiple personality disorder, so whenever he sees or hears something that reminds him of the Vietnam war, he’ll go and murder everyone. - IceFoxPlayz

40 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Hate Orange Juice

Minus two valid items and counting... - PositronWildhawk

41 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Think Twilight Is Better Than Harry Potter

I hope nobody would EVER think that Twilight would be better than Harry Potter. - Minecraftcrazy530

42 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Have Murdered Their Brothers

Made me laugh haha - EvilAngel

My far older brother tried sitting on me. What a bitch! All I did was say "The Hangover is a much better kids movie than Frozen." - AlphaQ

43 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Can't Believe It's Not Butter

I'm pretty sure I know it when I taste it... - PositronWildhawk

44 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Use Peanuts As Currency

Isn't barter trade better than this?

45 Top Ten Users Who Were At The Party in 2 Chainz' Birthday Song Music Video

Me. I broke in. - AlphaQ

46 Top Ten Users that Wear Nappies

Are there babies on here?
Man this site is popular.
- Chow Braginski

47 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Nearly Smashed Their PC

Me here, - MrCoolC

PC BRO! - htoutlaws2012

48 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Has Ever Dressed as Britney Spears

Like people 'dress' in a shower? - Ananya

49 Top 10 TopTenners Who Are Standing On A Stack Of 355 Of The Same CD Right Now

Any of you?

50 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Weigh Over 4lbs

Everyone. You would have to be a newborn not to be on this list. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This would be ridiculous. - funnyuser

To hell with American measurement systems - styLIShT

Oh...I'm 1 ft 1, I weigh 1 pound & I'm 1 year old. Wouldn't get on this list.

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