Top Ten Random Words to Shout at Your Boss When He Walks Past


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1 Oi!

Thank you. I'm going to grab that as a compliment! - Britgirl

Grit girl might actually make it if they put top tens on there, - CityGuru

This, fellow TopTenners, is the most random list there is on the entire internet. I haven't seen the entire internet (JB is a good reason for that) but I know that nothing is more random than this. I look forward to seeing Britgirl's name in Guinness World Records. - PositronWildhawk

I've been saying this often now for the bizarre moments but dunno if I'd say that to a boss - Curti2594

2 Wages!

Uh oh your boss wouldn't approve of that. He would get really mad and fire you. I've learned never to yell wages at my boss at my company.

I don't have the habit of doing so, but I might try... Hm. - HezarioSeth

3 Splab!

Your boss would probably give you the rest of the day off at least.

4 Horse!

Hey I'm an equestrian so EXCUSE you

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5 Liver!

What if your boss hates liver

6 Bazinga!

I think this would actually make the Boss Laugh... If he knew where it was from - Curti2594

My friend has this as a text alert. - Britgirl

I can imagine his face - jmepa123

The big bang theory haha! - keycha1n

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7 Shoop!
8 Muck!
9 Rhododendrons!

Well it's a flower, and additional fact : national plant of Nepal

It's a flower, and additional fact : national plant of Nepal

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10 Penis!

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11 Random!

Now this IS a random random word! - Britgirl

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12 Baggy!

My friend shouted this once, he said, "Did you speak? " She assured him she didn't say a word. Then he said, "Oh, I thought you said 'baggy! '" Her face was a picture! Haha! - Britgirl

13 Yipes!
14 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!

This may take all day. You'd still be saying it when leaving to go home! What does it say again? - Britgirl

It's a disease from volcanoes! Bet he wouldn't know! - istooduptoabully

15 Spies!

Let's see how far it jumps now. What a random thing to shout at my boss! After some consideration, he's sure to ask "What? " And at the moment I have no idea how to dance outta that. Lol. - Ned964

I voted for this and it went up 4 places.

16 Moose!
17 Mangetout!

If I just suddenly yelled "Mangetout! " in any eventuality, then you can assume I've flipped my lid and you can call any number you like. - PositronWildhawk

18 Splunge!
19 Muppet!

That's what I call mine.

It makes sense, I guess. But it's not so nice.

20 Fribbit!

LAUGH OUT LOUD! :D FRIBBIT. I'm sure this one's used in Johnny English and I laughed then, too! Fribbit. - Britgirl

He did, indeed. And it was hilarious! It's all the timeless humour of Rowan Atkinson! - PositronWildhawk

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21 Bootylicious!

He would think you are crazy! LOL. I vow to say this one day. - birdechosplash

22 Blah!

Haha! Funny I wonder if he she will think "Am I a big blob? ". - funnyuser

23 Stop!

He would say "why? " Depending on how dramatic you sounded. - birdechosplash

24 Bang!

If you get them on the right day this could scare the Piss out of them - Curti2594

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25 Fromage!
26 Disgusting!
27 Prawns!
28 Charge!

And everyone in the room charges at each other. - birdechosplash

29 Pomdöner
30 Fat!

Was just looking down the list, chuckling away to myself... And then I saw 'Fat! ' I literally laughed out loud at 1.45am and my parents in the next bedroom banged on the wall at me! Thank you! That's really funny! FAT! Haha! - Britgirl

31 Buttscratcher!

LOL! I just managed to stop myself laughing like an insane retard! - birdechosplash

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32 Bubsy!
33 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
34 Drop
35 Psych!
36 Your Hair
37 Banana!
38 Typewriter!


39 Finland!

YES! I pictured that in my head and got a weird look on my face trying not to laugh -Floppy Kitten

40 Basket!
41 Car!
42 Duck!
43 Snakes!
44 Thanks!
45 Surge!
46 Yellow!
47 Ah!
48 Boo!
49 Wood!
50 Justin!

You honestly think I wouldn't notice, don't you! - Britgirl

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