Top Ten Random Words to Shout at Your Boss When He Walks Past


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1 Oi!

Thank you. I'm going to grab that as a compliment! - Britgirl

Grit girl might actually make it if they put top tens on there, - CityGuru

This, fellow TopTenners, is the most random list there is on the entire internet. I haven't seen the entire internet (JB is a good reason for that) but I know that nothing is more random than this. I look forward to seeing Britgirl's name in Guinness World Records. - PositronWildhawk

I've been saying this often now for the bizarre moments but dunno if I'd say that to a boss - Curti2594

2 Wages!

Uh oh your boss wouldn't approve of that. He would get really mad and fire you. I've learned never to yell wages at my boss at my company.

I don't have the habit of doing so, but I might try... Hm. - HezarioSeth

3 Splab!

Your boss would probably give you the rest of the day off at least.

4 Horse!

Hey I'm an equestrian so EXCUSE you

5 Liver!

What if your boss hates liver

6 Shoop!
7 Bazinga!

I think this would actually make the Boss Laugh... If he knew where it was from - Curti2594

My friend has this as a text alert. - Britgirl

I can imagine his face - jmepa123

The big bang theory haha! - keycha1n

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8 Muck!
9 Random!

Now this IS a random random word! - Britgirl

I don't get it.. - Garythesnail

10 Rhododendrons!

Well it's a flower, and additional fact : national plant of Nepal

It's a flower, and additional fact : national plant of Nepal

Random enough for me.

What is this I don't even

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? Books!

I remember one time I was at school, I was in Spanish class and everyone was chatting to each other. Our teacher was quietly muttering to a student, "Can you hand out the books please? " It was really quiet amongst the chatter of the class, and the student didn't even realise the teacher was there, and carried on with her conversation. Suddenly, something must have snapped, because the teacher suddenly yelled as loud as she could, "BOOKS! " I honestly don't know whether I found it funny or scary. - Rocko

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11 Penis!
12 Baggy!

My friend shouted this once, he said, "Did you speak? " She assured him she didn't say a word. Then he said, "Oh, I thought you said 'baggy! '" Her face was a picture! Haha! - Britgirl

13 Yipes!
14 Mangetout!

If I just suddenly yelled "Mangetout! " in any eventuality, then you can assume I've flipped my lid and you can call any number you like. - PositronWildhawk

15 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!

This may take all day. You'd still be saying it when leaving to go home! What does it say again? - Britgirl

It's a disease from volcanoes! Bet he wouldn't know! - istooduptoabully

16 Splunge!
17 Spies!

Let's see how far it jumps now. What a random thing to shout at my boss! After some consideration, he's sure to ask "What? " And at the moment I have no idea how to dance outta that. Lol. - Ned964

I voted for this and it went up 4 places.

18 Moose!

Haha! MOOSE! Haha! Thanks to whoever added that. Laugh out loud! - Britgirl

19 Muppet!

That's what I call mine.

It makes sense, I guess. But it's not so nice.

20 Bang!

If you get them on the right day this could scare the Piss out of them - Curti2594

Say this REALLY loudly. No point saying it otherwise. - Britgirl

The first word I learnt was BANG! - Rocko

21 Fribbit!

LAUGH OUT LOUD! :D FRIBBIT. I'm sure this one's used in Johnny English and I laughed then, too! Fribbit. - Britgirl

He did, indeed. And it was hilarious! It's all the timeless humour of Rowan Atkinson! - PositronWildhawk

I knew it! It was the funeral scene. Laugh out loud! - Britgirl

22 Bootylicious!
23 Blah!

Haha! Funny I wonder if he she will think "Am I a big blob? ". - funnyuser

24 Stop!
25 Fromage!
26 Disgusting!
27 Prawns!
28 Charge!
29 Pomdöner
30 Fat!

Was just looking down the list, chuckling away to myself... And then I saw 'Fat! ' I literally laughed out loud at 1.45am and my parents in the next bedroom banged on the wall at me! Thank you! That's really funny! FAT! Haha! - Britgirl

31 Buttscratcher!

Dammit peter. - Dman1972

I'm pretty sher that you would get fired for saying that:/ - Peyton515

32 Bubsy!
33 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
34 Drop

Something weird happened... don't ask...

The Base
The Cash
Yo Lootz

35 Psych!
36 Your Hair
37 Banana!
38 Typewriter!


39 Finland!

YES! I pictured that in my head and got a weird look on my face trying not to laugh -Floppy Kitten

40 Basket!
41 Car!
42 Duck!
43 Snakes!
44 Thanks!
45 Surge!
46 Yellow!
47 Ah!
48 Boo!
49 Wood!
50 Justin!

You honestly think I wouldn't notice, don't you! - Britgirl

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