Top Ten Most Random And Worst Situations To Be In

The worst and most random things you can think of make the list. This is my most random list ever.

The Top Ten

1 Stuck in a locked room with a radio beyond your reach playing Nicki Minaj on a loop with no gun

If there was a screen playing her music videos on loop in ADDITION, then that would be worse. - PhoenixAura81

Ha! That would be horrific. Especially if it was playing stupid ---! - emraldYE

I don't want to imagine this. This would be dreadful. - PositronWildhawk

Oh god

2 Falling from a rocket just before it escapes Earth's gravity, falling back down with no parachute

I think a more accurate thing to say would be "just before you go into orbit" - PositronWildhawk

That would be painful

No no no no no lol

3 Balanced on top of a vertical needle that's 1mm in diameter, above a crocodile pool

Wozer! That's just wow. I think my name is jeff

4 Being electrocuted by a bird landing on your head, having just sat on a pylon

That would suck. So bad. - PositronWildhawk

5 Sitting on the toilet before the sewer explodes

That would affect the whole town, but it would be especially unpleasant if you were on the loo before oily brown water from way below began defying gravity. - PositronWildhawk

All of this crap just rushing up onto your butt while you yourself are crapping

Ha! I laughed at this!


6 Waking up married to one of your grandparents
7 The Phantom of the Opera suddenly reaches out from your television screen to take you back to his lair and sings to you.

No this isn't the worst situation to be in - just a wonderful dream. And it's what I'm watching at the moment. And sending this comment of course. I CAN multi-task, you know! - Britgirl

8 Being catapulted when walking up a ramp and having a meteorite land on the other end
9 Waking up in Mario world and a goomba is about to kill you and your down on your last life. You also have no clue how to kill it
10 Budgies burrow out from the ground and steal your wallet

What if it happens every day?!?! - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Google just disappears...


The worse

12 Caught in the middle of World War 22, where Nazi Gorillas from Saturn are clashing with Ninja Zebras from Mars, and your only weapon is a pool noodle.

Well that's tonight's nightmare sorted!

13 When the teacher argues with you just because you did a small error in your project

This is a very stupid situation. Just today, my teacher argued wildly with my classmate, starting from a small error.

14 Randomly waking up in the middle of the battle field and noticing a missile is about to hit you
15 Having a spasm in your leg and kicking the president while he is holding a nuclear bomb that destroys the whole universe.

That would be hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

I can't think of any presidents who would be holding a nuclear bomb apart from donald trump or kim jon un

What the heck.

16 Having Korean dinner guests come over and eat the dog

Oh my gosh. That would be hilarious and horrifying at the same time

The Koreans do, in fact, eat dogs. Hopefully not mine.
I think they eat dogs because whenever someone says "How would you like your eggs?", they say "Po-Chi!" - PositronWildhawk

17 Waking up from your nightmare to find you weren't actually dreaming

Yep. That really would be bad, now wouldn't it? ;-)

Not all Koreans eat dogs... that's racist and a generalization.

18 A baby falling from a high building and landing on your head

Wow! This IS pretty random! And funny! Obviously not for the baby or the unfortunate chap the baby falls on of course but still hilarious to witness! (I'm a decent human being - honest)! - Britgirl

If the it didn't die, you would be a hero.

19 Being buried alive in a wooden coffin with a woodpecker.

Haha Good luck not losing your sanity!

20 About To Shake Hands With Your New Boss Before Getting Athritis In Your Middle Finger

That would be the one thing for which there is NO WAY that you can make a feasible explanation. - PositronWildhawk

21 Have no friends or family
22 When you spy on your crush, he finally notices you, and then bump into a random pole.

Screw you pole.

23 When you get huge, ugly scar on your knee the day before you wear a short skirt for prom

Welp. That was a fail.

24 Seeing your principal in public
25 Seeing the police in public
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