Top Ten Best Ranks in the Military


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1 General

The highest echelon of the military structure. Full control and power. - crazycoconut247

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2 Captain

The coolest sounding; has a nice ring to it. Many famous characters and people hold this rank. - crazycoconut247

3 Specialist

They're the highest rank that is not considered an officer. They have less responsibility than nco's but get paid more than other enlisted (who aren't nco's) - crazycoconut247

4 Corporal V 1 Comment
5 Private

The lowest tier. No responsibility just do their job and obey orders. - crazycoconut247

6 Sergeant

The bad ass leader. - crazycoconut247

7 Warrant Officer

The middle man between commissioned officers and enlisted. - crazycoconut247

8 2nd Lieutenant

The lowest wrung of commissioned officers. Many don't have experience. - crazycoconut247

9 1st Lieutenant

A seasoned Lieutenant who is vying for Captain. - crazycoconut247

10 Major

Better than Captain in terms of pay and power. But just doesn't sound as cool. - crazycoconut247

The Contenders

11 Colonel
12 Gunner

It's a Marine rank... Look it up

13 Jawan
14 Field Marshal
15 Brigadier General

Leader of ground attack and defense and is the second leader of the army apart from air marshell put this guy second

16 Air Marshal

Leading rank of air and highest rank in the army

The highest rank ever

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1. Captain
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