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41 King - Kollegah

Kollegah swallowed an encyclopedia, shook it and threw it back up. I never heard an album with more complex use of homophones and multisyllabic rhyming. And those orchestra-like beats are god like. - Martin_Canine

'AK' I'm Wandschrank" or"Alpha" are better than every fake amercian song. His lyrics are better. No one can reach his level.

Despite the greatness of this album... Kollegah isn't exactly authentic either. His lyrical ability is what makes his music great, not his credibility. - Martin_Canine

42 If You're Reading This It's Too Late - Drake
43 Exmilitary - Death Grips
44 Raw - Hopsin
45 Goblin - Tyler the Creator

Can't believe this wasn't even on this to begin with. There isn't a bad song off this album. Although, I am glad to see M.A.A.D. city over Recovery. - AlteredState

46 Untitled Unmastered. - Kendrick Lamar

May not be his best album, but still pretty good. I really like Untitled 2 & 8. - DarkSideOfRandy

I was gonna vote for DAMN,but then I thought this deserves a little praise.

47 Volume 1: Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth and Describe the Present. - Bedwetter
48 All-Amerikkkan Badass - Joey Badass
49 Therapy Session - NF
50 Ill Manors - Plan B
51 Immortal Technique - No Mercy
52 Dreams Worth More Than Money - Meek Mill V 1 Comment
53 I Decided. - Big Sean

Lit all the way and big Sean steps his game up 100 percent.

54 The Growing Process - Dizzy Wright
55 Bobby Tarantino - Logic
56 17 - Xxxtentacion
57 Distant Relatives - Nas & Damian Marley

Unforgettable collaboration album from arguably the greatest rapper to ever live and Bob Marley's youngest son, the Junior Gong! Every song has a meaning to it and all the profits were donated for schools in Africa. Not enough people have heard this one yet! Top songs: Africa Must Wake Up, Patience, Friends, Strong Will Continue, Tribes at War, Count Your Blessings

58 I'm Gay (I'm Happy) - Lil B
59 Up2date - Samy Deluxe V 1 Comment
60 Märtyrer - Kool Savas
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