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1 Kamikaze - Eminem


Album of the year - jameshoward

This album saved rap

Now eminem is my favorite rapper of all time, but this doesn't deserve no. 1. Def top 10, but not no. 1.

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2 Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts

This is trash - TheArtOfBars

Wow somebody hasn't listened to many hip hop albums if this is the best they've ever heard, they're probably just used to Drake and Lil Pump so it seems great to them. - DaWyteNight

Kanye West sucks, and he doesn't even write his own lyrics. Why do people like him! - DaWyteNight

This should be last. It's garbage. - LilPumpTheGod

All these old heads calling this album garbage. Smh - jameshoward

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3 KOD - J. Cole KOD - J. Cole

Better than denzel the trashman

People who don't like this probably thought Ta13oo, Kids See Ghost or Astroworld were good.

Some good songs but the album as a whole could've been better. Not one of my personal favorites of 2018. Hopefully Cole's next album will be better, but I'm a little worried since he's been working with all the trash rappers lately (21 Savage, moneybag yo) - DaWyteNight

21 Savage new album isn't bad, and I haven't heard anything from Moneybag Yo - venomouskillingmachine

4 Ta13oo - Denzel Curry Ta13oo - Denzel Curry

The reason people are "sleeping" on denzel is because he simply just isn't that good. - TheArtOfBars

Overrated trash - BobbyBiracial

What is everybody going so crazy about? This album was disappointing and Denzel isn't even that lyrical. He just makes trap bangers for people who don't like trap.

2.5/5 album - ILikeSexyGirls

Lol that's true...but honestly Denzel is just a watered down version of Memphis underground rap. - DaWyteNight

Damn y'all are hating on this amazing album. - jameshoward

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5 Ysiv - Logic

Logic is better than Kendrick Lamar, there I said it! And why is denzel curry's album so high? That album was garbage and denzel is overrated trap garbage. Only idiots listen to trap.

Ta13oo is higher? Laugh out loud that album and Denzel as a whole are disappointing and mediocre. Logic's album definitely deserves to be higher than denzel the trap rapper (trap sucks)

Great album, definitely better than denzel trash curry or kanye west should be higher - BobbyBiracial

This was honestly pretty disappointing...4/10 - Neptuneee

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6 Dicaprio 2 - J.I.D

The best album that came out that year

This album beats all others on the list

Should be higher - jameshoward

Best album ever

7 Daytona - Pusha T Daytona - Pusha T

Now this album is trash with a capital T! Who really wants to listen to a 7 track album by a below average lyricist where all of the tracks are produced by the overrated and mediocre wackjob Kanye West? Not me, that's for sure! - DaWyteNight

Top 5 album of the year - Neptuneee

Why is this so low? This album deserves to be in the top 4 - jameshoward

8 Waylon & Willie 2 - Jelly Roll & Struggle Jennings

Definitely a lot better than most of the "mainstream" hip hop albums this year. You can actually understand and relate with what they're saying, it actually has a point and isn't just randomness, and it actually sounds good! - DaWyteNight

This was a masterpiece

Definitely better than kids see ghost or ta13oo

9 Everythang's Corrupt - Ice Cube

An album from a washed up has been who sold out years ago and is still trying to be "gangsta? " I think I'll pass on this one. - ILikeSexyGirls

The album get's better with every listen. No bad tracks, more than half of the tracks are my favorites. One of the best albums I've heard this year! - jameshoward

Don't tell me this guy still thinks he has a career

10 No Question - Apollo Brown & Locksmith

Even though this was only an EP, it is still one of the best projects released this year and it is better than all of the 7 track "albums" produced by that wackjob Kanye West. Locksmith's technical and conscious lyrics combined with Apollo Brown's classic hip hop production make this a very enjoyable listen. - DaWyteNight

The Newcomers

? Mona Lisa - Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz

Damn how was this not here yet? - DaWyteNight

? Streams of Thought Vol. 2 - Black Thought & Salaam Remi

The Contenders

11 Nasir - Nas Nasir - Nas

Masterpiece - jameshoward

This was kind of disappointing for a Nas album. - ILikeSexyGirls

12 Care for Me - Saba

This needs to be in the top 10, smh - jameshoward

13 Astroworld - Travis Scott

Lol this doesn't even deserve to be called hip hop. Who really wants to listen to a computer voice for an entire album? - DaWyteNight

Autotuned garbage. - XxembermasterxX

Only old heads call this album garbage - jameshoward

Should be higher - jameshoward

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14 Some Rap Songs - Earl Sweatshirt

That album cover is amazing - TuxIsAPerson

Too low, should be around #13 - jameshoward

Not only best rap album of 2018 but the best album probably of 2018. It’s a masterpiece

Meh...not for me. - DaWyteNight

15 No News is Good News - Phonte

Get this to number 1! Best rap album of 2018.

This should be number 1 honestly - DaWyteNight

Should be number 1 but everyone sleeps on Phonte. - ILikeSexyGirls

This is a masterpiece!

16 Weather or Not - Evidence
17 Drogas Wave - Lupe Fiasco
18 FM! - Vince Staples

Way too low - jameshoward

19 Veteran - JPEGMAFIA

Nope nope and nope - DaWyteNight

20 Swimming - Mac Miller
21 Iridescence - Brockhampton
22 Stokeley - Ski Mask the Slump God

God how do people actually like this guy?

Lol this guy is absolute trash - DaWyteNight

I think Ski's previous works were better, most of the beats on this album were kind of boring. I think he needs to make songs like Catch Me Outside again. - jameshoward

23 Lil Wyte - Lil Wyte

This is probably the best from Wyte since Still Doubted or No Filter. Wyte was starting to fall off the past few years but I think he's finding himself again. It's not as good as Doubt Me Now or Phynally Famous, but it's still decent. I could only wish it was longer than just 12 tracks.

Edit: Actually after really going back, I've realized that Still Doubted was Wyte's weakest album lyrically. This is definitely a better album as a whole, even though Still Doubted still has some good songs on it his lyricism was at it's weakest on that album and I'm glad he's finally getting back his bars. Still Doubted was honestly an album that I liked back when I liked trap music but now that I don't really like trap music anymore it's his weakest album. - DaWyteNight

Modern day masterpiece.

24 Book of Ryan - Royce Da 5'9

underrated - Genesyis

Damn this is too low. Should be in the top 10 - jameshoward

25 Vacation in Hell - Flatbush Zombies
26 ? - Xxxtentacion

Should be 1 or at least top 5

A huge step up from 17, RIP - Not_A_Weeaboo

27 Streams of Thought Vol. 2 - Black Thought & Salaam Remi

Well damn, this is a masterpiece! Better than the first one.

28 Parrafin - Armand Hammer
29 Khrysis & Elzhi are Jericho Jackson - Jericho Jackson
30 Elevators: Act I & II - Bishop Nehru
31 Czarface Meets Metal Face - Czarface Czarface Meets Metal Face - Czarface
32 Ali - Locksmith
33 Black Panther: The Album

Damn, Kendrick killed it! - Not_A_Weeaboo

Kendrick Lamar = overrated - DaWyteNight

I'm not saying that he isn't talented, but he's definitely way overrated. - DaWyteNight

34 Invasion of Privacy - Cardi B Invasion of Privacy - Cardi B

This album sucks and she is a retarded ratchet stripper with no talent. Hopefully her career will die in 2019. - ILikeSexyGirls

This is awful - ElSherlock

Nobody cares about this album - jameshoward

Crappy B sucks. - XxembermasterxX

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35 Testing - A$ap Rocky
36 Scary Hours - Drake

This isn't even an actual album, this was like a two song ep and one of the songs was the pop nightmare god's plan why is this on the list? Drake is a generic pop artist. - ILikeSexyGirls

Drake sucks and this isn't even an album

37 Redemption - Jay Rock

Wayyy too low - jameshoward

38 Wasted Talent - Jim Jones
39 Beerbongs & Bentleys - Post Malone

Contained only one good song, Better Now. - XxembermasterxX

40 Tha Carter V - Lil Wayne

41 is complete disrespect

Don't tell me people still listen to this loser in 2019 - BobbyBiracial

so good

Trash - DaWyteNight

41 Championships - Meek Mill

This album actually made me like Meek Mill - jameshoward

He's trash. I thought we left Meek Mill back in 2015 - DaWyteNight

42 Ephorize - Cupcakke

Lol whoever added this pile of trash to the list must get their ears checked! - TheArtOfBars

A rapper who might actually be worse than Cardi B. Who actually listens to this garbage? I had never actually heard of this ho until I started using TheTopTens. - DaWyteNight

43 Next Wednesday - Chris Webby
44 Year of the Snitch - Death Grips

Not rap - venomouskillingmachine

45 Victory Lap - Nipsey Hussle

Should be higher - jameshoward

46 Return of the Trill - Bun B

Should be much higher - DaWyteNight

47 Life's a Trip - Trippie Redd
48 Paranoia 2 - Dave East
49 Ye - Kanye West

Should be in the top 20 - jameshoward

Wack! - DaWyteNight

50 Full Spectrum Dominance - Canibus
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